Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blue and fluffy =D

I love my new sockssssssss!!!! so warm and cuteeeeeeeeee... wheeeeeeeeee *happy happy*
Bought for a ridiculous price =D tehehehehehehehe !!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NOob Photoshopppp wheeee

Wow..after seeing all those photoshop tutes and before and after pics..I've come to the conclusion.....

... fucken photoshop is the best!!!!!!~~

Fat ugly bitch? No problemmm.... just zap ur fat away with a few clicks of the button....

Wrinkles and freckles? whoooooooosh and they are goneeeee

I'm pretty sure u've seen THIS before...

some lady from a DOVE ad... very very normal looking to begin with.. but the end result is phhwoaaar... like.. no wonder ppl get anarexia and BDD (body *something starting with D* disorder - where they think of themselves as super super ugly and deformed and try to commit suicide and won't leave their house etc)... we are surrounded by these photoshopped impossible to attain images of perfection!!!

-_- damn their perfect bodies and perfect faces...grrrrrrrrrrrrr *waves fist around like a crazy person*

hmmm.. unless you are terribly terribly lucky in the genetic lottery like Jessica Alba...

or Fujii Lena..

THIS GIRL IS SO SO SO SO SO CUTE!!! She's one of the Vivi models and she's jsut soooo adorable and pretty omgg... normally i hate moles but hers are just so damn gorgeous..


or resort to the super hot AngelaBaby...
*sighs dreamily*

Btw she is quite ummm not attractive prior to her plastic surgery(s). **A little bird thinks she kinda looks like a deformed baby**.... this is the pre surgery/pre famous angelababy... hmm... its like a completely different person

well anyways ...meh.. i have nothing against surgery.. ppl always talking about bullshit like "natural is beautiful". all that bullshit. Well if u truely believe it then go fucking date someone who never waxes their legs/armpits or plucks their eyebrows. u go see how u like the 'naturalness'. *scoffs* PFFFFFFT TO U FUCKERS


But then again there are just people who take surgery a bit too far.....

This girl claims shes never had any surgery... ummm... *cough*



ANyways!! The point is that there are standards are just very unattainable for normal fugly ppl =[

However!!!!!! Photoshop is like.. creating beautiful people... taking pimple face/double chin/wrinkley eyed normal people... and turning this plain canvas into a fucking gorgeous [virtual] person .

I love love love love love Photoshop~!~!~!~!~!

*evil smirk* Now... let's see what we can do =D

Step 1. Take normal random photo

Step 2: Find all the flaws!! (ugh)

  • eyes too small

  • nose too big

  • eyebrows not nice

  • chest too small

  • bottom lip too big

  • chin not pointy enuff

  • ....

Step 3: correct them!!!!!

  • eyes too small

  • Enlarge eyes!! as big as u wantttttttt~~~~~~~

  • nose too big
  • Squashed smaller and pointier tip =D

  • eyebrows not nice
  • Darken them and create a nicer arch~~~~

  • chest too small
  • Inflate them...

  • bottom lip too big
  • Squash it down and enlarge upper lip a bit xD

  • chin not pointy enuff
  • duh.. make it more pointy

Step 4: after some nubish fisddling around.. its time to show off your beautiful work!!!









It's the most disgusting thing i've ever seen.. get it away from me!!! AWAY!!!!

Step 5: Learn lesson: some things are better left to professionals



Monday, September 8, 2008


Aiyaiyaiyaiyai ... I'm horrible at updating this thing...

Don't you think Arial is just the nicest font ... it's just so nice.. and rounded .. so much nicer than this disgusting one that they always make u submit your assignments and shit in... I always type out the whole essay/response/whatever in Arial first and then change it all to le yuck afterwards... just gives me such a horrible headache... let the default font be Arial dammit!!!


Anyyyyways ........moving right along......

I went to Seven on Saturday night.. I knowww last time I said I wouldn't ever ever go clubbing again..but...

forever is just a commitment thats a bit too far fetched =P

So anyways, clubbing was .. interesting ...
I was with one of my girl friends, let's call her Pretty (I am not being biased).

While we were clubbing .. we saw this rather (and to put it nicely) unattractive girl, let's give her the uber-cute name Gums (this may or may not have anything to do with her abundance of a fleshy gooey substance clearly visible in her mouth each time she attempted to smile).

*biased...who me?* *blinks innocently*

Anyways, Pretty and Gums had rather an interesting history involving an ex boyfriend and were thus arch-nemesis who were on friendly terms...which is pretty whacked.. makes my head spin

like this --> @_@

Now.. this is the first time Pretty and Gums have actually met in RL (Real life for u noobs).

And this is where the 'battle of female politics' comes in.
hates Gums's guts. I'm pretty (<-- hehe)sure Gums feels the same way.

actually came up to Pretty with a super fake gummy smile
"Hi.. I'm GUMS!! You must be The Pretty!"

gave an equally fake but much more attractive smile back "Hello gums~~"
They then preceded to make small talk like good friends until Gums decided the dancefloor was in need of some excitement in the form of a dinosaur-faced can't-dance-but-still-try-to-be-sexy individual which would of coz be no other than her lovely self.

Now.. we introduce a new character..Mr Sleaze.

Mr Sleaze is your average clubbing guy..
ugly, desperate, and sleazy

Mr Sleaze
tries to hit on Pretty first. While chatting away.. he all of a sudden tries to force her into a surprise kiss. Of course, having standards, pretty refuses. Being the slimeball he is.. he tries to coax her into 'just a little kiss'.
Which is just repulsive.

Now, seeing that he has no chance with her.. he decides to find a new target.. who just happened to be sitting RIGHT NEXT TO PRETTY while he tried to kiss her.. which would be .. moi. Using EXACTLY the same dirty tactic Mr Sleaze attempts to victimize his second pair lips for the night.

Disgusting and grossed out, I pushed him away and we moved away to somewhere else.

About 30 minutes later....

Perhaps due to his many failures, perhaps due to desperation, perhaps stung by too much rejection, perhaps even due to a gum fetish.. we would never know for sure...

Imagine the shock of our lives we got when looking up.. me and Pretty saw Gums and Mr Sleaze getting it on in the middle of the room.

Full on tonsil hockey and groping.
It was absolutely disgusting.

This just reaffirmed that we were ABSOLUTELY RIGHT in shaking off the advances of Mr Sleaze.

How tottally disgusting of him.

To keep moving down the assembly line until he found success in the reject bin.

How utterly gross.

Also.. Gums.. knowing full well she was way down in the line of his potential targets... yet still allowing him to have his moment of fun.

This just proves what an attention seeking whore she is. GODDAMN!

The moral of the story is:

Disgusting people deserve each other.