Monday, December 21, 2009

One strike and you're out

Wow I found this half finished post written ages ago and I can't remember what point I was trying to make with it in the end but anyways I thought up an ending to it so here it goes. ..

The camera on my phone stopped working!! FUCK!


They are absolutely shit...

Anyways, look how hot this woman is.

In case you dunno who she is, it's Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods' wife.
The wife he cheated on with up to 13 (???) or so women including cocktail waitresses and porn stars.

Here is a picture of him on one of his good days.

Here is Elin again
Absolutely gorgeous right?

Comparing them superficially in terms of looks only, is like that Chinese saying about a fresh flower stuck in a pile of cow shit.

Anyways, my point of this post was to quote something funny a friend said a while ago about her ex bf who did something similar.

"After having too much lobster, he goes off every now and then to have some pork."

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Meals and Rubi Shoes




Is it just me or are the Mcdonalds Happy Meal toys getting shitter and shitter?!
...or am I just getting older and older :(

They used to be pretty good when I was younger, and now it's all a bunch of cheap crap.

I was flipping through some random Chinese catalogue thingy and they had these Maccas vouchers. And these are the toys from their happy meals!!

How cute are they omg...I took pics of all of them.
and my favorite...
xD look at the face.. so cute hehehe
Omg I wish I was a kid in Asia!!

I'd get the whole set.
How cuteeeee!!

And then compared with the crap u get here!! It's infuriating!!
Why can't we get cute stuff too~~
Dammit dammit dammit.

I remember quite a few years ago they had a set of snoopy toys in asia and people were queuing up for ages just to collect all of them.

Never see that happening in Aus.. coz they toys are CRAP.

unfair :(

The majority of cute toys we can find here are either way overpriced or dodgy rip offs that look sooo fake it's like an insult to my eyes.

I seriously saw a shop selling Hello Mitty stuff.

I mean c'mon.. it's Australia.. we can tell the difference between a K and a M ......


My friend is obsessed with Rubi shoes!!

Rubi is like this sub-division of Cotton On (I think) and they make pretty nice [looking] shoes for dirt cheap prices but the quality is highly questionable.

I vowed never to buy another pair of them as the first pair I bought barely lasted 2 months of wear :P

Doing the maths in my head =.= I figured buying a normal pair of shoes was better value than replacing them every 2 months


They're styles are damn nice and when I saw a pair of leopard print flats I just couldn't resist.

So far they've held out surprisingly well considering the history of crappy quality shoes they make :O

Now I'm on the prowl for a good quality pair exactly like this omgggg

*cries* Why can't I find a GOOD QUALITY pair of leopard print flats that are a nice shape!!!!


While I was there I also got these....

They look exactly like my Steve Maddon ones cept 289789237423847x more comfy and for a fraction of the price :P
(Steve Maddon shoes suck!! Highly overpriced and highly uncomfortable!!)


I need to save money!!!

Omg I'm so so so bad at it.

I want to go to taiwan at the end of the year >.<

But I just keep buying useless shit.
Farken Hell.

Goddamn advertising and marketing. Sucks me in all the time.

Time to budget budget budget!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Shiny shiny :D

SOooOoo my obsession with deco stuff continues....

Bought some deco kits off Yukie.

Testing one on my DS....
Just randomly laying them on top.

Hmmm....looks alright but a bit too chunky for my liking, also too 'princessy' - so not my style :P

Gonna look for something else to put this deco set on...

OMG! I got sick of all the little diamontes falling off my phone (never deco stuff with only 2mm diamontes grr takes forever and its all crooked coz the crystals are sooo small its hard to place them straight, oh AND THEY FALL OFF).

So.. i scratched then all off and restuck 3mm ones on :D
Not perfect, but much better than before.

But omgggg i put too much glue and now the sound button is stuck and I can't turn the volume up or down that easily T_T

SO gay!!

Oh well this phone is fail anyway. It's expendable.


I did my nails :D
Was experimenting with my acrylic paints and managed to mix up some pastel colors and do polka dots.


reminds me of easter eggs for some reason >.<

I wanted to do black background but for some reason my black nail polish is super fail. Looks dark in the bottle but u need like 2-3 coats for it to even resemble black! It goes on this murky grey color T_T


Got these from on of those machine things ~~

Add to my collection =p


Last but not least, a dress I tried on...

How cute are the bows and the backless bits.

Fuck i love backless dresses omg.
I didn't buy this one tho coz the front looked pretty normal and it was pretty expensive considering it was such a shit brand.

But hmmm... looking at this pic i might go back and buy it for summer :D

Damn my posts are so crappy and random these days :(

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nail art

Ever since I developed my sudden love for nail art my modest nail polish collection has grown from very few to this =D
How cute is it omg.

I'm not even showing my brushes, books, acrylic paints etc =D

Still looking for the perfect pastel yellow tho. The ones i've seen seem to have a watery consistency ugh

So I been watching a lot of those nail art how to thingys on youtube, and drew some on a willing victim for practise. He even left his nails long just so I would have more space for my masterpeice.

This is NOT MY HAND!!
From left to right:

Glitter tips with painted on flowers
Black french with bow
Purple gradation
Polka dot french tips
I screwed up the thumb =\

Just practising my painting. Obivously I still have a long way to go =.=

I saw these nails while browsing around in the city..

So simple yet so pretty!!

Anyways, another obsession i've developed lately is for Anna Sui stuff coz of the pretty packaging.

My new pocket mirror.

How pretty is it omg.

Even the back is pretty.

It flips open and has two mirrors inside. One normal one and one of those magnifying ones so u can see all ur imperfections in magnified glory =p

Even the PACKAGING it comes in is pretty

*sigh* I would so go to asia and get all the Anna Sui stuff I can get my hands on.

Then I would get one of those fancy make up tables and line them all up looking all pretty just to look at xD

Goddamn why can't western retailers pay more attention to their packaging and presentation. Grrr.

Hmmm... Now i leave u with the BEST CUPCAKES I'VE EVER HAD.

Some chocolate flavor i forgot the name to. Icing is omgasm yummy!!

Nom nom nom ^^

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Anna Sui

Omg I'm a sucker for cute packaging!!

Look at this:

Anna Sui make up box.
Isn't it the cutest thing ever!!

It's mine mine mine~! =D
I saw it on and I couldn't resist.

So addicted to Anna Sui packaging now.
I did some research and apparently the actual products aren't actually that spectacular.
But what it lacks it makes up for in looks!!

It's kinda like when u make more allowances for good looking ppl to have shittier personalities... and HOT DAMN Anna Sui packaging is pretty!! (haha not really ;) !! or is it?! )

I want a whole dresser full of Anna Sui stuff omg.
Look at these ~

The mirror and stuff come in white as well, but the black is supposed to last longer and be better quality =D

Sooo cute.

I almost bought the mirror too but it was kinda pricey and I couldn't really justify spending soooo much on a mirror.

When I was in China last year I did buy a knock off. But the quality was kinda shit and it broke within a few months. Pretty devastated T_T

Then.. I was in the city one day and I saw this.. and immediately it was mine

"Inspired" Anna Sui mirror in some fobby shop on Lonsdale St. It was less than 9 bux :P

Omg *srsly addicted*.
Plz plz plz open up a Sasa in Australia.

Speaking of pretty packaging, I also got this mascara:

Majolica Majorca. This brand is like part of Shiseido, kinda like how Boujours is part of Chanel.


I had already gave up mascara for false lashes, but this one is srsly making me consider coming bak omggg..... will post photos later when i can be fucked.

Anyways, I saw a real douche bag guy the other day wearing those weird Akon sunnies that aren't really sunnies. The ones that are just plastic with the stripes across. Who the fuck would wear that on the street man. ANd he was strutting around like he was really cool or something talking loudly on his mobile. I think he was chinese too.

So fucken embarassing man =.=

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bling Bling Bag

My updated USB stick:

I decided to cover the whole thing with multicolored rhinestones.
Love the effect. Looks like a candy bar ^_^


The apple charm my little sister bought for me in china =p
So cute right ^^

More packages for me in the mail~!
Rhinestones off ebay.
I'm so addicted to sparkling shiny stuff now.

I "blinged" my phone according to Xiaxue's guide to life thingy on blinging your gadgets:

I love the sparkly border effect it gives =]
Makes a shitty phone so much better.

Ooh ooh lets zoom in on my phone charm.
Bought it at Duchess for like $3.50 only!!

So yummy.


I love cute desert charms n stuff. I should go buy some polymer clay and make those mini cupcakes! So cuteeee.... been looking @ a few on etsy but got nfi what I would do with them.

Speaking of yummy, I was at work da other day and they got a new order of Chupa Chup nanos! Super cute lollipop charm.

I snapped up these flavors before some other fucker took them =p
Watermelon, Coke, and Strawberry.

So into deco stuff now! Omg i want to go to like asia and just go nuts buying all these cute things omgg!!

Another order from Yukie~!!

Polymer clay fruits.
Pale pink diamonttes.
and another gift!!

I'm already looking for other stuff I can decorate hmm... :D~~~

Quilted bags are so hot.
I should have bought the black one too.
omgomg. I need more money!!
You gonna be mine bitch!

Damn.. online shopping is baaad.. theres like no closing time and the range of stuff is endless ><
It's both a blessing and a curse..
My bank account is suffering so bad..

I'm waiting for like 8 more things to arrive in da mail in particular my SASA order with my ANNA SUI BOX!!! (have u seen their packaging, it is to DIE FOR).

Thinking of buying the Anna Sui pocket mirror too.. hmm...
gorgeous things were put in this world to taunt me !!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


My yummy USB =D