Thursday, December 25, 2008

Clubbing @ 7

Went to Seven last Friday after a long long long clubbing drought. I swear, there's like NO good clubs in Melbourne anymore =.=
Wore these shoes:
that Dirk is holding like a phone (??) coz I had to take them off coz they were KILLING ME. One of those stupid things where u KNOW u'll end up with blisters all over your foot but u can't resist coz it's such a cute shoe! Dammit.
Another picture of my lovely shoes.

Hmm.. my shoes aren't very photogenic, just like me :( (They look better in real life.. i swear..)

I saw them in the shop window and fell in love straight away. HAD to have them... even tho they were ridiculously overpriced for the comfort and quality.

It was just one of those things ....

Also wore my VITA bracelet

in peacock (shown here in white) which is actually a bit too big for my tiny wrist but it was ALSO one of those things I had to have. =D

There's a lot of things I have to have. xD

Anyways, random pics thoughout the night.

Tina looking hot.

Red faced asians.

Juicy bag thingy. (Too bad it's fake) and Eric off his head.

I'm wearing my bling bling lashes which I've blogged about before(finally got to wear them!!). Can kinda see them here...
Eric is fuckeddddd...
Hmm.. the night was pretty good, altho some fucken people did dampen our spirits.. But won't dwell on that since after thinking it thru, petty selfish fucks can just be treated like charity cases.
(Like letting the fat retarded kid eat his own shit coz he enjoys the taste and doesn't know any better) ---> don't think that makes sense but ohhh well...
Went to Forever New and got these 2 tops and a dress.

Retail therapy is great <3

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Noobs are fine. Everyone was a noob once. But what i hate.. is when

*Computer noob is searching for stuff on Limewire on my computer*
Me: Don't download random .exe files off Limewire, they might be viruses
Computer noob: Yeh yeh yeh~

*5 minutes later*

Are you installing something??
Computer noob: Yeh.. just updating your limewire with this "limewirepatch.exe".
Me: I told you not to download .exe files
Computer noob: Don't worry.. this will make your downloads faster....... hey.. why did the computer freeze??
Me: .....................


I'm so happy!! Was browsing through a random shop and i found these babies.
Shiny glittery false lashes! Perfect for going out/clubbing!
And they were only 2 bux~~ omg... I feel like i'm in asia again

So so happy =D

They too fakeish for everyday wear.. Gonan wear them next time I go out man =D

I can't live without false eyelashes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knew that some crappy little hairs on ur eyelid (ewww that sounds so gross) could be so aesthetically important?

There's nothing like a pair of long luscious lashes to complete any look.

I've tried so many eyelash enhancing thingys ~~ mascara, eyelash extensions, stupid make-your-lashes-grow-longer theories (still questionable if they work btw) and I've come to the conclusion that nothing can beat fake eyelashes.

They own the ever so popular mascara in so many ways:

- won't smudge!!! (after a night out i used to come home with panda eyes.. but with fake lashes that's no more)
- stays curled (after curling my damn straight lashes and putting on coats and coats of mascara the lashes will straigthen themselves out after a while.. fucken gay)
- no clumps (pretty self explanatory)
- no ARSENIC !!! (did you know mascara contains arsenic as an ingredient!)
- easy to remove (just peel off)
- hides dodgy eyeliner jobs (i dunno how but it just does)

See the difference ~~ its something you can never achieve with mascara ~~~ and after my own traumatic experience I recommend people to NEVER EVER get eyelash extensions (long story).....
MmmmmmMmm.. and they so easy to apply if you set your mind on learning the proper way.
It's not hard at all dammit you lazy people...

ANYWAYS my point was i got some nice lashes wheeeeeee....


Thursday, December 11, 2008

People need to wake up :(

Example One

Girl meets boy, boy likes girl, boy chases girl, girl refuses but eventually yields under his persistence and persuasive powers.


She thinks back to how good and sweet the guy was while he was chasing her and somehow OKs all the SHIT he puts her through. Meanwhile, on the side her friends are hopping around like grasshoppers in frustration as she just doesn't listen to REASON which they try to install (<- can't remember the right word) into her thick head.

Boy has questionable contact with his ex (going to her place for hours and hours thus being late for plans with Girl). Girl is upset about this.. But is TOO SCARED to tell Boy to stop as he will just throw a temper tantrum with her. However, when Girl talks to another guy Boy will be furious.

The guy literally changes overnight. Talks down to her, short temper etc. and him AND HIS FAMILY literally sucks her finances dry. In the whole time they dated, she worked FULL TIME and by the end of the relationship she had NO savings. at all. zilch. Not to mention the emotional trauma she had to go thru. In tears all the time and wondering "i dont know why he doesn't care!!"

The girl is ussually fiesty and you never have to worry about someone wronging her as she will always stand up for herself when she is out in public. However.. to every single one of the boys many and unreasonable demands she will meekly obey.

One of the many things she was put thru: Family invites her out for yum cha. Eat eat eat. Bill comes. Boy says: "oh by the way you have to pay."

and it gradually gets worse. Following that, the same scene ensues, however family decides it's very appopriate to invite friends and other relatives to enjoy the lovely meal as well. And guess who had to foot the lovely bill?

After this relationship ends (thank god) it was found out that the Boy was flirting around with other girls the whole time, Girl had no money in her pocket at all and Boy still owed her money. (Which he tried to pay back by hiding a 5 dollar note in a stack of 50s).

.. and it doesn't end here. You would have thought that after this relationship Girl would come out a better smarter person. But NO. She dates another guy who is EXACTLY like this one.. but worse. Despite countless warnings, AND while the relationship was not stable girl went to the bank and took out a loan with EIGHTEEN PER CENT interest and gave all the money to the guy. And she didn't even know what he was going to use the loan for! Nope!!! She was "too scared" to ask!

Despite giving him the loan money, the guy always had 'no money' for anything... and Girl basically gave him her bank card which he used to go out drinking with friends, buy DVDs for his ex and all the nice things in life etc...

Meanwhile, Girl had no money.. had to resort to eatting RICE AND BOILED SWEET POTATOs for lunch at work. One time she had no money to buy a tram ticket even. Asked the guy to BORROW 50 bucks... Guy: "I don't have 50 bux to spare"

One particular incident shows the sheer selfishness of the guy.

Girl is at home sleeping on a rare day off and guy is in the city doing god knows what.
He calls her up: "hey i need to park in the city but I have no change on me, can you come and gimme some."

So girl actually crawls out of bed, gets ready really quickly (in case he gets pissed she is taking too long) and takes the tram to the city.. TO GIVE HIM PARKING CHANGE.

She calls him up: "Hey I'm almost at the city now."
Guy: "Don't call me until you're HERE."

Example Two

Girl really loves Boy. Girl KNOWS boy is not a good person (will fuck anything that moves). Whenever Girl is overseas or not around, Boy will literally flirt with every normal and above girl he meets (and this includes Girl's friends and good friends). The guy is so fucken open about it it's not funny.

There could be a whole room full of people that knows about GIrl and Boys relationship yet Boy will still walk around asking girls for kisses etc. He also has a vile mouth. In one particular incident a girl was wearing a low cut top while playing drinking games with him. Boy says: "hey if you pull that top a bit lower i'll let u win this round for sure." WHO THE FUCK says shit like that ?!?!?! To a girl that is familiar with his GF too!!

Boy is always fucking around behind Girls back as she is often overseas.

Anyways, Boy is physically abusive with Girl too. When the mood strikes his fancy he will pin her down on the bed and slap her face repeatedly. She hides at home for days after these incidents so as to hide her swollen face.

Now, insert Girl's "good friend". All being roommates, Girl will go to this 'good friend' whenever she has troubles with Boy, and 'good friend' will comfort her. 'Good friend' also has a boyfriend of her own. However, 'good friend' has always had a thing for Boy and has fucked around with him while Girl was previously overseas. Recently, after a particularly bad argument 'good friend' managed to convince Girl to go back overseas away from Boy for some time apart.

After GIrl went back overseas, 'good friend' sleeps with Boy every night. Boy continually tries to pick up every time he goes out.

After finding out that 'good friend' has betrayed her, Girl not only accepts it, but is so generous as to think for Boy. "He has his needs and if i'm not there to give them to him then just let him do that if she ('good friend') wants to be so cheap. In the end they will have no chance as he wil be coming bak overseas to me soon anyway.". And just like that, Girl accepts it.

Example Three

Boy is an extreme jealous freak. It doesn't show that much after first getting together, but bit by bit Girl is seperated and isolated from all friends.

It starts off with the guilt (haha i typed guild) trips.
"Awww baby but i wanna see you can't you go out with your friends another time?"

Then moves on to the constant monitering.
While Girl is out with friends.
Boy calls: "Where are you? Who with? When are you going to be home? Don't go home too late."

The 'it's for your own good' spiel.
"He's such a player I don't want you to hang around people like that."
"Don't be too close to her shes a slut I don't want you to lower ur image by always being with her."

Continual guilt trips.
"Oh so you'll choose to go out with THEM over ME. So you wanna see THEM instead of ME. I thought I came first? Why aren't I coming first ?!?!"

Reminders of how 'lucky' you are.
"I have to do everything for you. You can't do anything by urself. You are nothing without me."
"I do all this because i CARE about you."

Put downs masked as love and care.
On a random day in the city, Girl sees acquaintance and waves and smiles at him.
Boy: "Why did you give such a SLUTTY smile to him. Are you that happy to see him? Why do you have to so actively say hi to him? Just say hi if he sees you and says it."

Warped logic.

Basically, in the end Girl was isolated into a loser. Was distanced from many good friends. Was thought of as 'cold' when meeting new people as her behaviour was shaped like this by Boy. All because she didn't stop it at the start when it began to happen as she thought "he does this coz he cares". Argh!

See the pattern? These stories (all true) are so damn frustrating!! People will accept behaviour and things they would normally never accept when they are so blinded by people that are obviously no good for them at all.

The majority of the time things DON'T change for the better and they don't realize that the more they let the person act like this the more it will happen.

In my opinion, once someone starts treating and talking to you like shit, and they get what they want from treating you that way. Why would they go bak to being nice? Everyone is selfish in some way, and will always ask for more more more. As much as someone may hope it would happen, people are not gonna just suddenly wake up and go "oh wow i'm treating this person like shit maybe i should stop". They KNOW they are treating you crappy. But why stop when they are being rewarded for this bad behaviour? hmmmm?!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Boring long post with literally no complaints

Well.. APPARENTLY all I do in my blogs is complain and bitch and moan about stuff and swear too much. So I decided to write a fucking boring post with literally no complaints (see title zzzzzZZzzZZzZZZZZz)...
So like on Saturday three lovely people, Susie, Nathan (my bf) and I went to Mornington which is some random place about an hours drive away from Melbourne.

Our main intention of going was to experience the hot springs which is supposedly good for your skin and relaxing blah blah blah etc...

However, coz it was so booked out n stuff the only available time was for 6:45PM !!

So what to do?


Man.. we went about it stupidly tho!!

Cherry picking nubs.... cherry picking virgins... oook that just sounded a bit WRONG... haha *covers eyes shyly*

Being cheap asians, upon hearing that you can 'eat all u want' once inside. We decided to skip breakfast and just go inside and have a big feast of cherries.. this was the FIRST mistake. I think once inside I ate about... 10 cherries at most ? It's just not a substitute for an actual real meal =.=

Weird tho.. coz cherries are like pretty pricey if you buy them outside so I'm always craving for them.. but when you're surrounded by them its like... meh.....

SECOND mistake was allocating like 2 - 3 hours of our schedule for it. I think we were only inside the Cherry farm for a bit over an hour. There's actually not much to do.. except pick cherries (and take photos of course).


I can't be bothered uploading all the photos we took so i'll just upload one (above..obviously) to prove that we did go pick cherries. What a lovely artistic shot 8-)

In the end we only picked like half a kilo each (it's actually hard quite hard work) and couldn't be bothered anymore haha...

It was so fucken funy tho.. coz the other people there were like.. fully pros at picking.. these old ladies were like crawling under bushes n stuff to get the ripest and most juiciest berries. I even saw one woman with scissors snipping them off into her bucket o.O.

There was this other family of like 3 generations (gramps and granny, mom and dad, annoying kid and annoying kid) all in this joint effort who had like a whole freaking bucket.

There was also this other guy who every time we saw him was standing on like the top rungs of the ladders getting the Cherries at the top of the tree. He was never standing on the ground ... >.<

There are some super serious cherry pickers i tell you!!

Anyways, while we were inside SUSIE saw this guy who looked pretty decent. (IIIIII wasn't looking IIIII'm a good girl *innocent eyes*) and just as we were about to leave we saw him in the distance with his girlfriend. We walked/ran (more like sprinted off) to get a closer look (coz it's like.. the most obvious thing to do .. DUH!)...

she was..


It was like...

umm that random chinese proverb I don't know what it is exactly but its about sticking a fresh flower into a pile of cow shit.

Yeh yeh I know it's mean.. but OMG he could do SO MUCH better!! What is with that.. good looking people and ugly people.

ANyways.. my theories for that are :

- the ugly person will treat the good looking person extra nice to make up for the difference in attractiveness

- the good looking person will make themselves look even better by standing next to a ugly person (like the hot chicks who always have some random fat ugly friend)

- (this is the wisdom of susie) "After eatting too much oyster and abalone one may feel like sampling some PORK once in a while."

I can never understand those hot celebrities who have hot husbands but their husband decides to cheat on them with the fucking plain looking MAID.

I swear .. some guys are like dogs .. will fuck anything that moves.. (or is it all guys..?)..

errr anyways ~~

Went to this market thats only there once a month and nothing much to report.. just heaps of cute handmade stuff. I really really wanted this jewerly stand.. I've been looking for one like that for ages but OMG got talked out of it and now I regret not getting it coz like you CAN'T FIND IT LIKE THAT ANYWHERE (unless its super super overpriced omg)!!! It's like got hooks for necklaces and also these little holes for earrings it was like.. THE ULTIMATE JEWELRY STAND. Goddamn.. didn't even take a photo of it... and now its prolly gonna get bought by some other fucker !!! GRRRRR....

Now i'll hafta prolly buy one off etsy ... I'm eyeing this one... but damn the exchange rate sucks and postage and handling :( aiya.. i NEEEEED a jewelry stand ...

Hmmm and we saw these random cute animals in the market.. I think they are lamas??

Apparently their fur is used to make carpets and scarves n stuff..

This black one is so cute... hehe...

Anyways... after ages of dilly dallying we finally went off to the hot springs.
The one we booked was Peninsula Hot Springs. Not gonna show any photos coz make up was taken off and we looked disgusting.

We booked this private outdoor bath coz we didn't wanna go to the public baths and bathe with random people coz its just weird..

Hmmm what can I say about it.. It was pretty nice. Ours was a 45 minute session. But I actually think even 30 minutes is enuff. The water was 39 degrees but its like really fucking hot. Every now and then u gotta get up to cool down or u'd prolly faint. Susie was so wasteful! She'd go into the water for like 5 minutes. Then leave and lie down for 15 minutes. Then come bak and stay for another 5 min!! We were both laughing at her.

It felt like most of the time she was lying down OUT of the water saying "oh i feel so relaxed".. heeheee heee!!!!

It was a really nice place .. and they made a big effort to make the place all peaceful with trees n stuff surrounding you.. it's like the perfect place for taking your boytoys to once your all rich and married and your husband has no time for you coz hes off making money to satisfy all your material needs so you feel neglected and because of that you find hot young guys like Gabrielle in Desperate Housewives and the gardener but really you just want your husband back but you can't live without the money he makes coz you are used to the lavish lifestyle he has bestowed upon you.

hahaha.. i kid i kid... ;)

Anyways.. after your time is up this guy comes and rings a bell to tell you and then you make your way back to this 'relaxation room' where you can sip all these weird and wonderful blends of herbal tea (which i actually found pretty disgusting cept for one since i'm not exotic enuff =[) ...

Hmmm.. Then we drove bak to boring old melbourne and had dinner at boring old springvale and the highlight of THAT part was taking a pic of me sleeping in the car looking disgusting with my mouth randomly open. But i was too smart and deleted the pic before any copies could be made !!!
hahaha suckersss....


Oh yeh...

Cherry farm is like 5 bux entry.
Each kilo of cherries are 12 bux. (however they will weigh the bucket when you go pay which adds like 2 bux to the real weight of the cherries)

The hot springs was like 130 bux for a private outdoor thingy for 3 people. Public bathing is cheaper but it's like so popular now so you aren't guaranteed a spot and they don't take bookings for it. So if you drive all the way there and they are full then bad luck :(


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Idiots with idiot opinions

I hate idiot people with certain opinions who think that coz THEY believe something is right/wrong then anyone else (most of the time the majority of people) who are happily believing otherwise and NOT affecting the idiots should somehow be forced to compensate or someshit for them.

It's so fucken stupid. I mean jeez.. believe whatever the fuck you want no one really gives a shit but just coz its different from everyone else doesn;t mean u have to BULLY other people and make them feel bad about themselves. **This causes low self esteem.. even suicide.**

Take for example in some places, they aren't even allowed to openly celebrate Christmas.... yeh REALLY! Instead of "Merry Christmas" you're suposed to say "Happy holidays" or some fucking stupid gay shit like that. Seriously, "happy holidays".. how fucken gay does that sound!!! It's like something you say when you're high on alchohol for shits n giggles. But no... in these places instead of the "Merry Christmas" you have like "happy holidays" coz like.. people who don't celebrate christmas might get offended. WTF. DUDE. SO FUCKEN STUPID IS IT NOT.

ALSO.. i remember once i typed to someone "Merry Xmas ^_^". And the response? "Don't type Christmas as "Xmas".. it takes out the "Christ" and is wrong ". Umm.. ok.. I was genuinly wishing that you were like happy wutever on that day.. and THE ONLY THING you can think of is to pick on my fucking spelling with your STUPID interpretations that WHO THE HELL WOULD FOLLOW coz like the rest of the world isn't so fucking DEEP LIKE THAT. Like OH MY GOD? FUCK YOU. XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS XMAS .........


Date : 4 November 2008 (Melbourne Cup Day - horseys... heeeheeeheee!! *giggle giggle*)
Time: 4:57PM
Place: Work (shithole)
This is what happened...:

Queen Lucy (to someone walking in the door): Hi, just to let you know we'll be closing in about 3 minutes

Opinionated fuck: Why?

Queen Lucy: We're closing at five o'clock today

Opinionated fuck (crossing her opinionated arms over her opinionated body and screwing up her opinionated face): WHy?

Queen Lucy (adressing the opinionated fuck with elegance only seen in that of royalty): Coz of the Melbourne Cup. We close early on public holidays.

Opinionated fuck: That's RIDICULOUS coz Melbourne Cup shouldn't even be a public holiday.
Opinionated fuck turns around and stampedes off unelegantly.

Queen Lucy gracefully stamps the seal of approval for a public execution that night.

SEE!!! What a STUPID FUCKING BITCH. Like i GIVE A SHIT that SHE doesn't believe its a public holiday. Like ANYONE gives a shit about her pathetic thoughts. OK.. if you think that its not a public holiday then GOOD FOR YOU. If you so believe it should be a normal day then YOU FUCKING treat it like that YOURSELF. NO ONE CARES. Feeling the need to try and infect my mind with her sad lonely bitter self. FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!

**made up fact for the sake of my argument

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Being Lame ~~

My sexy friend Eileen bought me some stickers for my keyboard =D
Never got around to sticking them on... so what better time to do it than when I should be studying for exams ...

The stickers:

Close ups..
The finished product:
Isn't it pretty ??
Ok.. back to studying =.=

Friday, October 31, 2008

update on clubbing post

I heard from a little bird that following the incident in the club involving Mr Sleaze he went around telling people and pointing to Pretty and Myself "Those two girls are party poopers. Don't even let me have a little feel."
What a total douchebag.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

on attention whores

I fucking can NOT stand attention seeking whores playing computer games. You are a girl. You don't have a freaken penis when you open your legs.. GET OVER YOURSELF.

Ok. You are a girl playing a GAME. You are doing something that is supposed to apparently be a mainly 'male' only thing. We got it. Don't need to fucken bring it up every fucken second "imagirlimagirlimagirl!!'
The typical conversation (in wow)
Someone: great job guys
ASW (attention seeking whore) : GUYS?!?! I'm a girl :)
ASW: [insert some supposedly modest remark about her being a girl again and feign shock that people are surprised shes a girl]
Loser 2: Are you hot babe
Loser 3: Sexy, do you have msn?

So freaken annoying.

And then there are the idiot girls who start acting like hot shit when loser guys start hitting on them over the internet.

A typical example is Emily, blood elf hunter on Dreadmaul.
She's made herself famous flaunting, advertising, broadcasting her FEMALE self over Wow. Thinking she is top shit coz she can tell loser guys "stop following me around like a lost puppy", "the 13 year olds that wanan cyber with me".

Umm.. reality check. Guys hitting on you over the net does NOT MAKE YOU HOT.
Talking like you're freaken Miss Universe rejecting would be suitors.
Fucken idiot.
When I was playing dota on BA I also came across another idiot.

Back in (oldschool) 3c (3 corridoors) days, I was in a particular game where the person who picked Potm (one of the best heros on the good side) was a total freaken noob, their name was "Princess".

This person had no clue what she was doing.. at all. The first skill she picked was searing arrows, and while some pros can pull it off she was just fully shit. Turned it on autocast and just let it auto attack anything. Didn't time the hits nothing.

While I have nothing against noobs.. the other players on the team you could tell were really "serious" i-want-to-win types. This one particular idiot (we shall refer to him as 'idiot' from hereon) kept getting pissy at me for not stunning the opposing hero (I was mountain king and oom - out of mana).

Anyways, the game had only gone for a little while, everyone was about level 4 but Princess on level 2 just had her second death.

Me: "man princess is a noob"
Idiot: "princess is my GF"
Me: "so? she's a noob"
Idiot: "STFU shes a girl"

WUT THE FUCK?!?!?! He's playing so serious serious yelling at me for being "A FUCKING NOOB" not stunning when i was fucking OUT OF MANA while Princess dies twice letting Archi get freaken strong and I can't call her a noob coz "its a girl".
FUCKING most stupid reasoning I have ever heard in my LIFE.

Like wtf?!?! It's a GIRL. Oh wow. BIG DEAL. I don't give a flying shit if its your gf your mom or your grandma playing. Is the fact that "oh-mi-god-princess-is-a-girl-playing-games" gonna like 'excuse' her from everything? i think NOT. FUcking idiot. Showing off to everyone oh look my gf is so cool she plays dota with me. FUCKING PISS ME OFF MAN.

And what's more annoying is I can't exactly say "so fucking what i'm a girl too get over it dipshit." Coz that just sounds UNGIRLY and makes me sound like an attention whore too. Not to mention he prolly won't believe me coz I just wouldn't be able to type it in any other girl way that would not be agressive and sarcastic. GRRRRRRRRRR.

Let me try to type that out girlishly...
"ohhhh Princess is a girl? I'm a girl too :) [YOU FUCKING DIPSHIT FUCK LIKE I GIVE A FUCK SHES A GIRL?!?!]
To add fuel to the fire some other idiot on the team immediatly said "is she hot".
To which Princess replied with the age old attention-whore-trying-to-be-cute response of...

Hmm... attention seeking whores shot be shot.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blue and fluffy =D

I love my new sockssssssss!!!! so warm and cuteeeeeeeeee... wheeeeeeeeee *happy happy*
Bought for a ridiculous price =D tehehehehehehehe !!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NOob Photoshopppp wheeee

Wow..after seeing all those photoshop tutes and before and after pics..I've come to the conclusion.....

... fucken photoshop is the best!!!!!!~~

Fat ugly bitch? No problemmm.... just zap ur fat away with a few clicks of the button....

Wrinkles and freckles? whoooooooosh and they are goneeeee

I'm pretty sure u've seen THIS before...

some lady from a DOVE ad... very very normal looking to begin with.. but the end result is phhwoaaar... like.. no wonder ppl get anarexia and BDD (body *something starting with D* disorder - where they think of themselves as super super ugly and deformed and try to commit suicide and won't leave their house etc)... we are surrounded by these photoshopped impossible to attain images of perfection!!!

-_- damn their perfect bodies and perfect faces...grrrrrrrrrrrrr *waves fist around like a crazy person*

hmmm.. unless you are terribly terribly lucky in the genetic lottery like Jessica Alba...

or Fujii Lena..

THIS GIRL IS SO SO SO SO SO CUTE!!! She's one of the Vivi models and she's jsut soooo adorable and pretty omgg... normally i hate moles but hers are just so damn gorgeous..


or resort to the super hot AngelaBaby...
*sighs dreamily*

Btw she is quite ummm not attractive prior to her plastic surgery(s). **A little bird thinks she kinda looks like a deformed baby**.... this is the pre surgery/pre famous angelababy... hmm... its like a completely different person

well anyways ...meh.. i have nothing against surgery.. ppl always talking about bullshit like "natural is beautiful". all that bullshit. Well if u truely believe it then go fucking date someone who never waxes their legs/armpits or plucks their eyebrows. u go see how u like the 'naturalness'. *scoffs* PFFFFFFT TO U FUCKERS


But then again there are just people who take surgery a bit too far.....

This girl claims shes never had any surgery... ummm... *cough*



ANyways!! The point is that there are standards are just very unattainable for normal fugly ppl =[

However!!!!!! Photoshop is like.. creating beautiful people... taking pimple face/double chin/wrinkley eyed normal people... and turning this plain canvas into a fucking gorgeous [virtual] person .

I love love love love love Photoshop~!~!~!~!~!

*evil smirk* Now... let's see what we can do =D

Step 1. Take normal random photo

Step 2: Find all the flaws!! (ugh)

  • eyes too small

  • nose too big

  • eyebrows not nice

  • chest too small

  • bottom lip too big

  • chin not pointy enuff

  • ....

Step 3: correct them!!!!!

  • eyes too small

  • Enlarge eyes!! as big as u wantttttttt~~~~~~~

  • nose too big
  • Squashed smaller and pointier tip =D

  • eyebrows not nice
  • Darken them and create a nicer arch~~~~

  • chest too small
  • Inflate them...

  • bottom lip too big
  • Squash it down and enlarge upper lip a bit xD

  • chin not pointy enuff
  • duh.. make it more pointy

Step 4: after some nubish fisddling around.. its time to show off your beautiful work!!!









It's the most disgusting thing i've ever seen.. get it away from me!!! AWAY!!!!

Step 5: Learn lesson: some things are better left to professionals



Monday, September 8, 2008


Aiyaiyaiyaiyai ... I'm horrible at updating this thing...

Don't you think Arial is just the nicest font ... it's just so nice.. and rounded .. so much nicer than this disgusting one that they always make u submit your assignments and shit in... I always type out the whole essay/response/whatever in Arial first and then change it all to le yuck afterwards... just gives me such a horrible headache... let the default font be Arial dammit!!!


Anyyyyways ........moving right along......

I went to Seven on Saturday night.. I knowww last time I said I wouldn't ever ever go clubbing again..but...

forever is just a commitment thats a bit too far fetched =P

So anyways, clubbing was .. interesting ...
I was with one of my girl friends, let's call her Pretty (I am not being biased).

While we were clubbing .. we saw this rather (and to put it nicely) unattractive girl, let's give her the uber-cute name Gums (this may or may not have anything to do with her abundance of a fleshy gooey substance clearly visible in her mouth each time she attempted to smile).

*biased...who me?* *blinks innocently*

Anyways, Pretty and Gums had rather an interesting history involving an ex boyfriend and were thus arch-nemesis who were on friendly terms...which is pretty whacked.. makes my head spin

like this --> @_@

Now.. this is the first time Pretty and Gums have actually met in RL (Real life for u noobs).

And this is where the 'battle of female politics' comes in.
hates Gums's guts. I'm pretty (<-- hehe)sure Gums feels the same way.

actually came up to Pretty with a super fake gummy smile
"Hi.. I'm GUMS!! You must be The Pretty!"

gave an equally fake but much more attractive smile back "Hello gums~~"
They then preceded to make small talk like good friends until Gums decided the dancefloor was in need of some excitement in the form of a dinosaur-faced can't-dance-but-still-try-to-be-sexy individual which would of coz be no other than her lovely self.

Now.. we introduce a new character..Mr Sleaze.

Mr Sleaze is your average clubbing guy..
ugly, desperate, and sleazy

Mr Sleaze
tries to hit on Pretty first. While chatting away.. he all of a sudden tries to force her into a surprise kiss. Of course, having standards, pretty refuses. Being the slimeball he is.. he tries to coax her into 'just a little kiss'.
Which is just repulsive.

Now, seeing that he has no chance with her.. he decides to find a new target.. who just happened to be sitting RIGHT NEXT TO PRETTY while he tried to kiss her.. which would be .. moi. Using EXACTLY the same dirty tactic Mr Sleaze attempts to victimize his second pair lips for the night.

Disgusting and grossed out, I pushed him away and we moved away to somewhere else.

About 30 minutes later....

Perhaps due to his many failures, perhaps due to desperation, perhaps stung by too much rejection, perhaps even due to a gum fetish.. we would never know for sure...

Imagine the shock of our lives we got when looking up.. me and Pretty saw Gums and Mr Sleaze getting it on in the middle of the room.

Full on tonsil hockey and groping.
It was absolutely disgusting.

This just reaffirmed that we were ABSOLUTELY RIGHT in shaking off the advances of Mr Sleaze.

How tottally disgusting of him.

To keep moving down the assembly line until he found success in the reject bin.

How utterly gross.

Also.. Gums.. knowing full well she was way down in the line of his potential targets... yet still allowing him to have his moment of fun.

This just proves what an attention seeking whore she is. GODDAMN!

The moral of the story is:

Disgusting people deserve each other.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crazy Japanese Invention

Found on some taiwanese auction site .....

"BIBANA ROLLER" aka nose slimmer
Apparently, with this high tech rolling action you can make your nose slim and tall like the caucasion model - for those unfortunate flat nosed asians... ahhaha suckers

do people really beleive this will work?? They try to make it look so scientific too.. with their complicated diagrams and such.. haha .. damn gullible ppl willing to do anything to achieve beauty ~_~

hmm.. guess what this is...
nope.. its not some weird sex toy.. its a LEG massager for the shower. hahaha.......

Damn ppl are weird