Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hair length

I don't even need a wig to dress up like the ring =D

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Forever New *favs* and dilemma...

[end rant]
[begin blog]
Popped into Forever New today and they have some really nice things this season <3

A few of my fav picks:
These are all currently in store!!
Nia Coral Feature Chain Mail Necklace $34.99
Pretty much all the sales girls were wearing this necklace and it works so well with the summery dresses and bright colors this season. 
I can see this worn with a basic tank and shorts, or with a nice maxi ~~

They have some really nice jewelry pieces...

On a side note... why are all the girls who work at forever new so pretty!! They all look like they stepped out of the ads and carry the clothes soo well. They are like walking mannequins. Even though they are so pretty, they are also very pleasant to deal with (unlike other stores who probably employ 80% pretty BITCHES *cough* GASP *COUGH*)
Unfortunately, my bf did not like this necklace one single bit... so moving right along...

Ally Embelished Sandal $79.99 
As soon as I walked into the store these shoes caught my eye. They look so much nicer in real life. 
They are very bling and are soo pretty when worn on the feet. BF's verdict was also a huge thumbs up.
Forever New is also stocking size 5 now, which is great news for tiny feet girls like me =D
Unfortunately my wallet is feeling the pinch due to saving up for my Hong Kong trip(!!!!) next year so I gave these a pass.

and leaving the best for last...
I finally found a statement necklace that isn't ridiculously priced!!! It was a reasonable $35. (not that I paid for it... tee hee =D )
BF loved it too.
Couldn't find a pic on the website so I took my own. I love love love it!!

Modeling shots..
(while trying on Zara Skirt - around $70 can't remember price...)
Did not end up buying this skirt as I didn't like skirts that flare out, also it was a bit tight around the stomach area.
However, that being said I LOVE the color and also the pockets at the front ...  am on the lookout for something similar but better fitted.

Ended up buying this top $45 I think.

 Zara haul: Top + 2 basics ^^


Today when I was at Zara, I saw a girl walking around with fresh BLOOD STAINS on the back of her jeans. She had NO IDEA they were there and I felt pretty bad for her... I also have no idea what the right social protocol is when it comes to these things.. 

Should I tell her? Should I not?

A few months ago I was at the cinemas and the lady in front of me had her top on inside out o_O. I was about to tap her on the shoulder to discreetly tell her, then my bf said no!! don't do that she will hate u for embarrassing her... so I just kept quiet....

I know that if I was doing something like that in public, I would be SO GRATEFUL if someone came up and (discreetly) told me....but I dunno about other ppl....
hmmm.... no idea what to do :(

Friday, November 18, 2011

Rubi shoes

Rubi shoes. $20. Lasts 2 months.
Wittner shoes $130. Lasts 1year+

- Live life! If u like it buy it. If the shoe fits wear it. If u feel like it do it! -

Monday, November 14, 2011


$9.95 on on now ~~

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Can't wait to be here...

Place: "Earthly paradise Bird Nest Resort"
Location: Yalong Bay, Sanya, China

Sanya Travel Guide describes it as:

"Situated on the mountain top of Yalong Bay, Earthly Paradise Bird Nest Resort boasts its unique location, which overlooks the whole Yalong Bay.
Earthly Paradise Bird Nest Resort is surrounded by unspoil scenic grandeur and display the most natural scenery. The sea, the tropical rainforest, the songs of birds and flowers enveloping Earthly Paradise Bird Nest Resort will take you into a fairyland, offer you an amazing experience closest to nature and distance you from the noise and confusion of cities, leaving the world behind.
Earthly Paradise Bird Nest Resort Yalong Bay has 142 rooms and suites scattering among the forest featuring tent sites and wood house. Each room of Earthly Paradise Bird Nest Resort has a private balcony including a large Jacuzzi."

Apparently this hotel is was feature in some sort of Chinese movie and it became soo famous. It is on a very remote area in Sanya and to get there u have to walk across a rickety little wooden plank suspension bridge. It is a place to relax, do nothing, and spend time with ur significant other <3

Tickets are already booked for Feb next year!! I CAN'T WAITT!!!

The rooms...


 OMG Eternity pool !!

P a r a d i s e

Saturday, November 12, 2011

If the shoe fits, wear it!!

Finally it's the weekend! Time to get out of those boring drab work clothes.

Starting off with an OOTD...
Finally wearing my orange mini from temt and born again silver kookai necklace <3 excuse the peach :P

Top: Zara
Skirt: Temt
Necklace: Kookai
Bangle: Tiffany
Bracelet: Tiffany

I really hate my hair these days. Its getting to the stage where I need to get it chemically straightened again. It's got this weird kink in it that is so annoying.

Plus I have sooo much and it's soo thick that cutting it short is out of the question. BUT not cutting it short means that getting it salon straightened will cost a FORTUNE.

At the moment I think my hair is about half my body length. What's funny is that most girls say CUT!! while guys say KEEP! I am pretty sure I will keep it tho. It feels like a 'shield' and can cover my flat chest....hahaha jk

I know that if I ever cut it I will NEVER bother to grow my hair this length again. I am scared to go into the salon because I have a feeling my hair is going to cost over half a grand to straighten...

Aiii...anyways moving on...

The full outfit...
Take one... fail -.-

Weird leg pose and BITCHY face as usual...
The best out of the lot.. wink ;)

My new cropped jacket from Zara which I bought yesterday! It is LOVE <3 It fits so well and has the cutest gold nautical style buttons.

Pic on the official website:

Loving the buttons!!!

This morning I put it on and found that the pockets which I originally thought were fake were real!! I was extremely excited and happy about that -___-


The NIKE factory on Smith St is having a 40% off EVERYTHING sale! The stuff there is already at factory outlet prices, and a further 40% is slashed off that!

Of course being bargain hunting asians we had to go visit. It was sooo packed they had security guards and ppl had to line up outside like the opening of Zara.

Our haul:
For her..
I am cursed with tiny tiny tiny feet so it's pretty much impossible to buy womens shoes. These are actually kids shoes. I love them coz they are so comfy and colorful..

I have wanted a pair of these since I saw THIS picture:
which is TOTALLY hot. I know she looks 2847328347247x better than me in those shoes but... oh well :P not everyone is blessed with good looks.

"action shot" ...GODDAMN PALE LEGS @#$@#$!#$

For him..
Last in its size~~

The damage...

Savings of $68~

Now I really have no excuse not to go to 1000 steps. Time to start losing the pounds !!

I'll sign off with an adorable pic I found on facebook ^^

Friday, November 11, 2011

New earrings

In a moment of madness I decided to buy these Amrita Singh Quogue earrings which were on

I had waited just half a day to decide whether or not to buy the other earrings I had my eye on which of course meant they would sell out before I plucked up the courage to press the 'add to cart' button.

THIS of course immediately put me in panic mode and I just had to buy something before the whole world bought everything out.

They are definitely a style that I would not normally buy!!

I bought them in "amethyst" which is a lovely purple color however I can't find a picture on the net of it hence the green :P

They were on sale for $25 AUD which I think is very reasonable considering they are selling on the official website at full price for $100 USD!! (I never noticed how expensive costume jewelry is since I actually started to look properly.)

I think I must be reading too many U.S fashion blogs lately. The girls wear the most lovely statement jewelry and necklaces and PULL IT OFF SO WELL!!! So jealous!!!!!! I am easily influenced >< *sadface*

Here is how the earrings look on the model

Very dramatic!! Hope they ship them over soon :) rawrr

Lalala weekend time <3

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OOTD from weekend

A bf who wants to test out his new camera + a gf who wants to camwhore = match made in heaven ^^

I had to resize the pics coz they were too huge now the quality sux!!!

Oh well...

Melbourne has 4 seasons per day.

On the off day that it is sunny, you must GRAB UR CHANCE TO CAMWHORE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!

I have really boring taste in fashion, I feel really self conscious wearing really dramatic and out there stuff. Don't really have the confidence to pull it off :(

Must make it a new years resolution to change that!

 I always have fucked up facial expressions in photos =.=

Always look so pissed off like some psycho murderer...
trying hard to look friendly...

Top: Dotti
Cardigan: Forever New
Shorts: Supre
Shoes: Novo
Bracelets: Tiffany <3
Necklace: Tiffany <3

Damn my legs are paaaaleee.... wonder how fake tan looks on asian skin ? I don't wanna end up like am oompa loompa :\

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY Project - silver tarnish

Since I have been sooo into statement necklaces recently I decided to dig into my old forgotten jewelry to see if I could 'rediscover' any hidden treasures. I found this sad little chunky Kookai necklace [$100] hidden in one corner which I had totally forgotten about.

It was looking a little worse for wear with all the tarnish that had built up over time. Some parts actually had some sort of GREEN mould like substance on it. EWWWWW... even after polishing it with a silver polishing cloth it still looked pretty beat up.

...and this is AFTER much polishing...

After a bit of googling and a trip to the supermarket, I decided to try this easy DIY silver tarnish removing solution.


L - R Bowl (from bf home), Foil (from bf home), Baking Soda ($2.99 from Safeway), Water (bf home), Oh and of course your jewelry. Excuse the messy background :P


Wrap jewelry in foil. Just shove her in and wrap it up.


Poke random holes in the foil (to allow water to seep in).Forgot to take a pic *woops*


Pour about 3-4 tbl spoons of baking soda into the bowl. Mix with water (enough to immerse jewelry). Stupid me forgot to take a pic again but I'm sure this is pretty easy ...


Drop ur jewelry into the bowl and wait... tap tap tap...


Take ur jewelry out, rinse it and dry with a soft towel.

See your jewelry reborn and shiny again<3

Close up pic. Totally wearable again. Maybe this weekend ? hmmmm~!

Statement jewelry

I've been reading many fashion blogs lately and absolutely lusting over bold and dramatic statement jewelry..

I know this is really really old and its been blogged to death but it's just so damn nice.

YSL arty ring. SO beautiful. It really sucks that the official YSL website doesn't ship to Australia as it is the only place to buy size 4! (Even if it did I think I am too cheap to pay $250 for something which may or may not fit properly - CURSE YOU SMALL FINGERS!!!!)

So I did the next best thing. I ordered an "inspired" one off ebay.

In Black. I paid $7.99 plus $4.50 in postage which I still think is quite expensive for costume jewelry but oh well...

The listing did not really specify a proper size but had an "approximate" diameter of 1.6cm. I measured my Tiffany Ring in size 4 and I *think* the diameter is around 1.5cm which makes this ring still.. too big. I guess I will just have to get creative with re sizing it. Will post pics when I receive!

I have also been obsessing over statement neck pieces and Etsy is a great place to browse these one of a kind items!

Like this necklace by EzzaExclusive.
[$149 USD]

It's absolutely devinee. Will jazz up any casual outfit.
The only drawback I have is the price which I find quite steep for costume jewelry. But oh my... just can't.. stop.. looking..

Some of her other work which is absolutely gorgeous as well:

Emerald and Crystal Gemstone Beaded Bib Necklace [$249 USD] here

Abstract Geo Bold Statement necklace [$249 USD] here

*sighs dreamily*

Amrita Singh also has some great pieces which I have seen featured on some other blogs. Apparently there are frequent sales on her website as well which I have no idea if I am eligible for since living in Australia means shipping prices and tax are a big factor when it comes to online shopping :(

I am loving her Hamptons collection, here are some of my favs (all pics taken off :

Loving the bright colors!!!

OMG OZSALE is doing a clearance on Amrita Singh jewelry!

The necklaces I want are sold out tho :(

I am undecided whether to get this one or not:

Greenport earrings..
$124.95 down to $19.95

hmmmm.... statement earrings... don't know if that is "me" or not..

To buy or not to buy that is the question...