Friday, February 29, 2008

Stupid story i wrote ages ago

Two blood elves, Luciness and Eileen were bored. There was nothing to do but to lie on the grass in Barens and suntan.

They decided to go on a holiday. SO they packed their traveller's backpacks and set off one night.

They went to visit many famous landmarks.

They went skinny dipping.

..and fishing...

But at the end of the day, they were both still bored and lonely.

Until one day at their holiday inn, they met two sexy night elves.

hunter and druid

Despite their differences, they both began 'dating the enemy'.

..and sleeping with them..


Everything was going great, until one day something scandolous happened.

Druid and Eileen had fallen from grace.

Hunter and Luciness were deeply upset and secretly came up with a plan together.

She began flirting with druid's ugly mage friend.

While hunter impressed Eileen with his big weapons.

It worked like a charm. Eileen and Druid both came crawling back.

Things continued on fine, until Druid and HUnter were called off to Ironforge on urgent business.

Luciness and Eileen awaited their return.

Eileen fell deeply ill from misery.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Self diagnosis

I have Mageirocophobia - the fear of cooking =D

Dear Attention Whore

First of all.. GET A GODDAMN NEW HAIRSTYLE.. the fucken poodle look is not in.. don't know when it ever was.. don't know when it ever will be. But then again, you're a bitch so I guess it suits you. Kudos for getting a hairstyle that so perfectly matches your personality. Now all your need to do is dye it vomit green.

Secondly, I know this is not your fault.. it must be the fault of that slut of a woman you call mother.. passed on those lowlife genes of hers.. but if you have a mouth is as wide as yours.. and trust me .. its fucken fucken fucken FUCKEN huge. *i could add a million 'fuckens' before huge and it wouldn't be barely enuff to describe the black hole it is* then why .. oh tell me why would you try to stretch it to breaking point every time u attempt to smile in a disgusting cute fashion.. I know, i know it shows guys that you can fit a lot inside.. but this blatant self advertising of your wonderful ability to get mouthfucked by ten people at the same time is really very fugly for those of us who don't have meat for you to conquer... Tell me why do u feel the need to show people every single one of your teeth when you are feeling happy over another bukakke session.

Ok.. well now that we have a basic idea of your looks and extraordinary facial anatomy, let's move on. Of course I wouldn't just go on and on about how ugly you are. Like I would be that *superficial*. But apart from your mouth that even Jenna Jameson would envy, you are really not that special. So don't try to act like you are.

*this is the part that starts to not make sense to u random ppl.. but i don't care!!!*

Fuck man.. got rubbish to say with that itchy mouth of yours? Go suck DANIEL's cock. . Got shit to type with itchy fingers? Go give your Eric a handjob. Or alternatively, just bored? Tell DANIEL to give u a good fucking. Go do some fucken good in the world instead of being a fucken attention whore. *sorry for naming you, you poor unfortunate guy but you need to keep a lead on your bitch* Oh, but wait, one cock pointing in your direction is not enuff for you. The more the better right? You wanna feel special yeh.. go be a fucken porn star. You'll get all the fucken attention you want from different guys in every single direction possible. Oh but wait.. im sorry *look, even in the circumstances i am still so POLITE to you.. even apoligising!*, I forgot.. low as they might be, they at least have some sort of STANDARD. You could probably get a cut for "guys that like their bitches to look like retarded poodles" tho .. *shudders*

This is a private rambling.. won't make any sense probably. If you think its too harsh then fuck off~!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

guys... CUT YOUR NAILS!!

Having just started a retail position not long ago, and also having worked at my parents shop in the ct for quite a while.. i've become more and more disgusted with the horribly gross trend for guys, mostly asian fobs .. thought u do get other ethnicities (is that a word o.O) to leave their pinky nails super long...


am i making myself clear... it is .. GROOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

ME: that will be 2 dollars please

*guy digs thru wallet, i notice his long dirty (sometimes yellow) pinky nail rummaging around too. i restrain myself from throwing up all over his dirty hands.. and fight the urge to rip the offending nail off/chop his hand off*

eww fucking ewwww

*hands coin to me*

ME: thank you have a nice day

*RUNNNNS to slather my hands in antibacterial hand wash*

I cannot even begin to describe what an utterly revolting sight this is, and it is made ten times worse for me, as i actually have take and receive change from the disgusiting claw.

It's UGLY and it's DIRTY(don't know why people would wanna so lovingly grow their own private little haven for bacteria.. and 'oh they must have forgotten to cut their nails' is no excuse, as all the other nails are trimmed nicely.. =.= ... maybe their mothers didn't let them have a pet when they were younger >.>)

aii... please cut ur nails people >.> ... long pinky nails are YUCK and SOOO NOT SEXY...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Cleaner for a day

Today I finally *attempted to* cleaned my room...

Knowing me, I had to pick the 34 degree day to undertake such a vigorous task.. damn smart right... to do a task I hate doing in the most horrible conditions possible ... by the end I was hot and tired and PISSED OFF and my room still wasn't half clean yet... >.>

Anyways, it always feels like no matter how much i clean clean clean... my room will never achieve the simplistic super neat look that I really love.. and today I realised why.....

I am a damn hoarder >.> Q.Q

.. a bad bad bad hoarder.. even if I haven't used something for 5 years when it comes to the crunch.. i just refuse to bin it.. whether it holds sentimental memories.. or i tell myself "one day i might need it!!" It's just very very hard to part with it forever.. haha...

Here are some of the (limited number of) things that I finally took up the courage to condemn to the green wheelie bin:

This first item is really quite shocking =.=










An F4 fans puzzle!!!!!
800 pieces!!
This is from like... 7 - 8 years ago.. hahaha~
Oh, and i've never finished it... only completed part of the bottom and a bit of Vanesse's arm (yes yes i know im sad coz i still remember his name =.=)

oh the shame .....

Stupid hair braiding thing that doesn't even work. It painfully rips out your hair every time u attempt to use it. The RRP is like 29.95 but I got it at priceline for 3 bux... one of those 'you get what u pay for' items =.=


And now... onto the list of things I should throw away but didn't =.= *this list is much longer* *sigh*:

Simpsons figurines...

Note the copious amounts of junk in the background =.=

Teenibopper caps *what the hell was i thinking*

My first 56k modem!!!! Still in its original box!!!

Maybe it will come in handy one day =\

Haha.. theres plenty of other things i couldn't be bothered to take pics of coz i'm too hot and bothered =.= ... size 6 skirt i'll never be able to fit into again.. horrible shoes i bought on a whim *loads of them*... hello kitty earmuffs....

aii... camwhore time!!

Shittest song ever

I don't know what the name of this song is called.. but part of the lyrics goes something like this

"Loving you.. is easy coz you're beautiful"


What the fuck kind of lyrics are those man?!?!

and goddamn so many ppl like this damn song .. 'it's so sweet' they say.. omg.. ARGH... read the damn lyrics.. i love you BECAUSE you are hot.. NOT because you're a nice person blah blah blah.. but coz of your looks... its damn superficial ok!!

So what happens once I get old and 'not so beautiful'.. you won't love me right.

The lyrics are jsut so WRONG.. GRRR

It's terrible... jsut terrible..

Imagine a guy tries to serenade you.. looks into ur your eyes, singing : "loving youuu... is easy coz you're beauuutiifulll'


*guy falls over clutching his bleeding nose, whimpering*

Seriously.. those lyrics are like fingernails on a chalkboard... argh

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Biggest peeve at work

"NO PARKING CHANGE"'s written THREE times around the shop i worked at.. yet STILL people come in and ask for... u guessed it .. PARKING CHANGE!

So, these blind people come in.. and then have the nerve to get pissed off at ME for not giving it to them. Fucking come on. This is not some fucken free coin exchange service ok. I NEED the coins to give change to my CUSTOMERS who ussually pay with 50s and 20s. I'm ALWAYS running out of coins. So you tell me why the fuck i should just open a store there, just to give out this change to u - some fag who has never shopped here before and will never come again. Whenever I run out of change I have to go all the way to the bank and lug a whole bag full of coins back. Fucken heavy ok.

If it's a regular customer.. ok give them change no problem. If you're some frkn random that's never been here.. and will never come here again. Why the FUCK should I give it to u. I don't owe u jack shit... Some ppl are nice.. after i tell them this they will buy something and then yes, I will happily give the change to them. And then there are the people who get smart with me...

OLD MAN: can i get coins for parking

ME *points at sign* : sorry we don't give parking change

OLD MAN *waves his hands rudely in my face* : you SHOULD give it out

ME : i'm sorry this is our policy. coins are fucken heavy to lug back from the bank you know, its not a goddamn free coin exchange service i have here. (of coz i didn't actually say these exact works.. since i'm sooo polite)

OLD MAN *self righteously* : this is bad for humanity!! you are bad for humanity!!

ME: wtf =.=

SMARTASS BUSINESS MAN (the type to loudly talk on the tram on their mobiles about their self important rubbish) *shoves note in my face* : i need coins for parking

ME: sorry we don't give parking change


ME *yawns* : coz this is our policy, if you buy something small i will give u change gladly

SMARTASS BUSINESS MAN *all threatening* : well i'll just write a letter to john so then!!

ME *yawns




Secondly, this is a small convenience store. If your cheap ass wants the lowest price possible then DON'T FUCKING COME IN MY SHOP. if you want a bargain go to safeway at QV. Don't fucken come in , and then when i tell you the price look at me as if I'm trying to rob you of your grandkid's tuition fees. I DON'T FUCKEN CARE HOW MUCH THINGS COST IN THE SUPERMARKET. IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE SHIT THEN GET THE FUCK OUT.

"This is only 90 cents at safeway."

GREAT. THEN FUCKING GO TO SAFEWAY. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK HOW MUCH IT IS THERE. I REPEAT, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK HOW MUCH THINGS ARE AT SAFEWAY!!!! I'm not gonna lower the price for you just coz you show me your great bargain finding skills. Frkn idiots.






People can be so annoying =P

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Engrish in Beijing ~

According to this there are two groups of ppl~

1. Chinese

2. Aliens

I love make up

Imagine you took this chick home on a one night stand..Woah.. pretty cute right ?
mmm... not bad =)

The next morning....




























OMGWTFBBQ?!?!?!?! can this happen?! From ohhh yehh.. to ohhh my god run~!!

Step 1

Eyelash glue thingy to make eyes wide and cutish and also contact lense to make eyes look BIGger

Step 2

Foundation (i think) for porceline doll-like skin

Step 3

Add some fake lashes

Step 4

Style the hair

VOILA! Hot chick~!

Don't believe your eyes? Here is one more example of a before and after:

I love make up =)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Engrish in chinese hospital

The room is sick o_O

I don't know what to make of this one ..