Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random thoughts while waiting for my food

Omg Safeway selling bonsai plants!

How cute!! A mini forest in ur house :p if u got the time....

I am currently obsessed with this iPhone app:

Color cam!


It's basically a color filter so u can take those artsy sort of shots that are all black n white except for one colored thing.


So purple... Pretty ^^


Harvey Norman currently has a sale on all digital cameras. Buy one get one one free

Bought 2 canon ixus 220 hs cameras for $239!! It is so tiny!! Love it. Takes pretty good pics too. My old fujifilm one was sooo shit and broke after 1 year :( target also lost my receipt for it. Fuck fujifilm >=[

Anyways what a random shit post. Off to eat oysters now, ciao~!

Ps. The hearts on my Tiffany ring seem to be getting out of shape now :(

- Live life! If u like it buy it. If the shoe fits wear it. If u feel like it do it! -

Location:Ayr St,Doncaster,Australia

Crystal Jade

This is the BEST soup.

Soup within wintermelon! It is half a wintermelon wrapped in foil and "standing up" inside a cup.

Full of yummy goodness.

Wrapped in yummy goodness too. Not only is the soup drinkable, you can also scoop up the soft wintermelon skin around it. Oh so tasty.

At dinner time pretty much every table starts off with a round of this soup. Have never seen it at any other Chinese restaurant in Melbourne ^^ it is a MUST HAVE.

Other dishes:

Pork - but not regular pork, it's WILD PIG

And dessert which I forgot to take pic of - the highlight is the wintermelon soup!!

Feking yums!


Btw, finally it feels somewhat like spring/summer and check out this lotus!!! Prettyyy

- Live life! If u like it, buy it. If the shoe fits, wear it. If u feel like it, do it -