Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nail art

Ever since I developed my sudden love for nail art my modest nail polish collection has grown from very few to this =D
How cute is it omg.

I'm not even showing my brushes, books, acrylic paints etc =D

Still looking for the perfect pastel yellow tho. The ones i've seen seem to have a watery consistency ugh

So I been watching a lot of those nail art how to thingys on youtube, and drew some on a willing victim for practise. He even left his nails long just so I would have more space for my masterpeice.

This is NOT MY HAND!!
From left to right:

Glitter tips with painted on flowers
Black french with bow
Purple gradation
Polka dot french tips
I screwed up the thumb =\

Just practising my painting. Obivously I still have a long way to go =.=

I saw these nails while browsing around in the city..

So simple yet so pretty!!

Anyways, another obsession i've developed lately is for Anna Sui stuff coz of the pretty packaging.

My new pocket mirror.

How pretty is it omg.

Even the back is pretty.

It flips open and has two mirrors inside. One normal one and one of those magnifying ones so u can see all ur imperfections in magnified glory =p

Even the PACKAGING it comes in is pretty

*sigh* I would so go to asia and get all the Anna Sui stuff I can get my hands on.

Then I would get one of those fancy make up tables and line them all up looking all pretty just to look at xD

Goddamn why can't western retailers pay more attention to their packaging and presentation. Grrr.

Hmmm... Now i leave u with the BEST CUPCAKES I'VE EVER HAD.

Some chocolate flavor i forgot the name to. Icing is omgasm yummy!!

Nom nom nom ^^