Monday, May 27, 2013

d e p r e s s i n g . . .

I sometimes feel like I am so behind, with people around me my age getting married, having kids, buying HOUSES..

Whereas I am the immature girl who refuses to move out, has never paid a dollar of rent or utilities in her life, and still somehow struggles to satisfy her material needs, even with a full time job~

I realized...

My handbag + shoe + jewelry collection = deposit for a house right there

But instead of paying off a mortgage, I am stuck with.. stuff... piles and piles of beautiful stuff

In an effort to cut down excessive spending and force myself to save, I've decided to make the ultimate sacrifice. Until I have a mortgage under my name I will not buy any more:

Chanel costume jewelry 

It's gorgeous and classic but I am WAY TOO addicted and for the price I can at least buy silver from Tiffany ><
With Chanel you are paying a few hundred for costume jewelry. One of the rhinestones on my CC earrings (style as pictured) has started to turn GREEN!!

..*sigh* it's still gorgeous tho...

love love love all my Chanel earrings 

Marc Jacobs mouse shoes 

I now own 3 pairs. White studded, black and silver. 

In love with the style - not in love with the price. Not to mention, the size 35 is more like a size 6 :(

I must follow my head and not my heart with this one... 

BRAIN: why pay so much for shoes that don't fit, stupid!!


Tiffany Silver Jewelry

Very pretty, and very affordable, however they do ADD UP!

Also, I am a bit sick of polishing away the ugly black tarnish!!

New motto is BUY GOLD OR GO HOME!!

I think this is enough sacrifice for now...

1. Philosophy The theory that physical matter is the only reality and that everything, including thought, feeling, mind, and will, can be explained in terms of matter and physical phenomena.
2. The theory or attitude that physical well-being and worldly possessions constitute the greatest good and highest value in life.
3. A great or excessive regard for worldly concerns

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

new in..FINITY

Sick of Tiffany silver..moved onto gold

good for my jewelry box, but not for my wallet :(

due to the crazy high prices of the gold pieces, I decided to start on the cheapest end of the spectrum

The choices..

All so pretty...

In the end..

After 2 weeks of waiting due to shortage..

Tiffany infinity bracelet in 18k gold

I believe this is the last one left in size small in Australia xD

Compared with my silver bead bracelet which has unfortunately stretched.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

red lips

Last night I attended my first ever footy match (Aussie rules football) sitting in the corporate box at the MCG.

It was such an exciting match!!!

Collingwood (my team!!) VS Geelong

The atmosphere was amazing, and even though I was sitting in a glass box above from the main crowd we opened the windows and could hear the crowd cheer and boo during the match.

We also had finger food, a light buffet, tea, coffee, and UNLIMITED BOOZE!!

haha.. too bad I don't drink.. asian red face genes :( plus, I'm WEAK AS when it comes to alcohol. 2 shots and I am goooone... not a pretty sight at all

Before the match.. stadium quite empty
Those people in the middle of the pic are hosts for some night TV show. Very exciting to see they actually set up a little desk on the grass and host from there

People setting up the pre match banner thing for the players to run through

Team mascot for collingwood (Magpie)

The mascot very cute, running around giving fans high fives and hugging the kids and posing for pics.. Melbournians love their footy!!!

Cheeky little ass shake towards the crowd

Players coming out.. they run through the banner thing and break it! o_O
Match about to start.. can see the stadium is quite full already

No more pics coz the game was just EPIC I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and didn't have time to take any photos~

I was very happy with the result of the match, so needless to say which team won :P

Experimented with my Revlon lipstain that night in RED!! So bold!!!
Also wore BB cream which I do once in a blue moon so must camwhore
The one thing that let me down in my make up is no false lashes since I was running sorta late and also can't find my lash glue :(. Oh, and also my face let me down too but I can't exactly change that.. haha. Must make do with what I got.


A bit of waste to wear BB cream since the crappy iphone grainy quality hides my crappy skin flaws quite well

Recently started drawing my eyebrows.. still not perfected the shape yet, but will get there!

Side view.. to show off my high nose bridge haha.. but FUCK really hate the dent in my forehead which is soo obvious here!!

I've had it since I was very young and I think it's getting worse as I age ... fuck!~~~

Don't really know how to hide that :( too lazy to photo shop.. sigh.. FOCUS ON THE NOSE!! =D

Oh haiii

Nostrils.. haha

I found the stadium lights made my ring look very sparkly and nice so tried to take a pic of it but it's sooo hard to photograph a diamond.. this is the best pic I managed to get..

*newfound respect for jewelry photographers making the gemstones look soo appealing in the Tiffany ads*

MY crappy photo certainly doesn't capture the Debeers overpriced 'Diamonds are forever' spirit...

Also note my nail polish is very shiny.. and it's not Shellac!

It's Opi with an Opi topcoat.. lasts 2 weeks.. loove Opi~

OOTD for lazy Sunday today~

Pink Zara Blazer and my vintage scarf from Camberwell Market ($5 only) love the colors~

I think my face is getting fatter and fatter.. fuck~~~ must be eating too much.. how to cut down??????


Saturday, May 18, 2013


OMG almost another 6 months since I wrote anything in here!!

soo many things have happened~ probably will never get around to writing about everything~~ anyways it's probably boring stuff only I care about pffft~

hmm lets see.. i got engaged, went to Taiwan, got my first (but definitely not last) brand spanking new CHANEL JUMBO.. yada yada yada..snore snore snore

Let's have a look at what a wore today :D

 Bart Simpon knit!
omfg can't describe in words how obsessed I am with this..

Ever since I saw Chiara Ferragni wear one on instagram been lusting after it..

Found it in one of the most unlikely places.. in the markets of Taiwan

I think it was some ridiculously cheap price like $15 AUD or something.. was a MUST HAVE

Paired this with black Zara leggings and another MUST have bought in Taiwan

Zara studded wedge sneakers
omfg.. I can't even...!!!

Market shopping was pretty much done every night in our Taiwan trip (even though our legs and feet were so tired and aching from sightseeing etc during the day) we still managed to trudge around the Taiwan markets eating delicious food and buying ridiculously cheap questionable quality clothing.

Life is hard ain't it..

Anyways, back to my sneakers.. 

They weren't exactly cheap, at about 4k TWD a pop, but I was in love, and not about to leave without getting my grubby paws on them..

The verdict: completely worth it

Everything about them is love~~~ the chunky opening, the studs, the hidden wedge omfgasmmmm~~~~ i love things things and more things wahahah

Taiwan is definitely on my must go to again list~

The food is yum
The food is cheap
The girls are cute (but imo I am prettier... ahhaahhaha jk....)
The clothes are cheap
Clothing shops open past midnight on weekdays!!!!
The people are super nice!

I could go on and on~~ 

This is me one hour ago cutting my bf's hair

I didn't wanna get spiky little bits of hair on my clothes so we fashioned a 'hairdressers cape' out of this Djs suit storage thing... ahahhahaha

I'm sooo glamorous