Sunday, November 25, 2012

eBay arrival red OL dress

My ebay dress finally arrived!

Stock picture:

On me:

Quality is better than I expected and surprisingly it wasn't super short like some other ebay dresses where they try to save on the amount of material used!


It is too formal looking to wear as a casual weekend dress so I may just add it to my work wardrobe :)

in the spirit of shopping I also finally pulled the plug and ordered my HG of heels...

all pics from 

YSL tribute mid heel leather sandals


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

YSL arty ring size 4 & comparison with the dupe

The must have addition to any jewelry collection, introducing my new lapis YSL arty ring in size 4!!!!!!!!!!


It joins my other red and gold arty. Don't they look so nice together, arty buddies ;)

 red and gold in size 5
new blue lapis in size 4

This was my first order with net-a-porter and I must say I am very impressed. 

The ring came beautifully packaged in a black net a porter box which was carefully lined with black tissue paper.

Shipping was extremely fast. After paying for the ring on Friday night, I received a tracking number by Saturday and today (Tuesday) it had arrived. 

It is very hard to capture on camera but in real life the stone is a very lovely deep royal blue with specks of gold other words, absolutely gorgeous

In it's home:

Real Arty rings on the left, dupes from ebay on the right

When comparing the real thing to the dupe, you can immediately tell from first glance which one is the real thing. 

The stones on the real rings are much more shiny looking. Even from this poor iphone camera picture the stones on the two right rings look more dull.

Also, the setting on the authentic version is much more intricate and the gold color stands out more. The setting on the dupes in comparison look and feel much more cheaply made. Also, even without ever been worn, they are starting to tarnish already.

Without flash. Look how dull looking the stones are on the two right rings. 


Here you can really obviously tell which is the real deal and which is fake

Size comparisons 

two dollar australian coin, tiffany size 4 rubuedo ring

Size 4, size 5 (with DIY resizing)

size 6 dupe (with DIY resizing), size 7 dupe

awkward hand posing...

This will definitely not be my last one ;)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Camberwell Market & no more arty?!

Woke up early this morning and randomly felt like heading down to the local Camberwell Sunday Market which I haven't stepped foot in for at least a decade.

I always feel so envious when I see other people going to thrift stores and picking up really nice stuff for bargain prices!!! But I just can't bring myself to wear clothes that are not new >< 

I mean.. I'm sure you can just disinfect them and WASH them but I just can't get over the mental hurdle >_>

Sigh... silly brain...

However, I do have a soft spot for vintage style scarfs and since the stall holder looked like she was clean and not grotty, I picked up these two scarves for $5 each. 

Freshly washed (VERY WELL WASHED...):
 Pink scarf with egg cups (???) and red border

Blue nautical style scarf
I've seen a similar style one in forever new for $20 which is a lot to pay for polyester!!

Can't wait to wear them in Summer xD !!

Also went to the supre outlet and saw these peplum dresses again, picked up two :P
White peplum $15 
Kinda regret not trying this one on as the color makes it see through so you can't wear colorful undies -___-

Royal Blue peplum $15
Love this one!!! If only it was a tad longer then it would even be work appropriate ;)

Some stuff for the home:

This funny wire basked hanging thing is actually supposed to be an 'egg holder' but we are using it as a handing fruit basket instead :)
 $18 + 20% off = $x

Vase & fake roses from ikea...
Gven up on real plants as they ALWAYS die... 

And saving the best for last...

I was walking around DJs on Friday evening after dinner.. and lo and behold... I found, tucked away in their jewelry section a YSL JEWELRY COUNTER.

OMFGASM. Drifted off to heaven on the spot.

Rows and rows of beautiful arty rings shining in front of my eyes....

I had always felt that my collection felt lonely with only 1 red arty, and seeing it's colorful cousins only confirmed my resolve to own another.

Price tag? $349 AUD.. overpriced, yes a little..

But STILL.. I was ready to pick one up right then and there

...of course they didn't have my size...

However, I am never one to give up easily when on the hunt for jewelry and that very night my first order on net-a-porter was made!

Presenting.. my soon to be blue baby *LOVES*
I can't wait to slip my fingers in you ;)

My existing red Arty feeling lonely amongst the knock off ebay versions

There is also a rumor on Purseforum that the Arty rings may get DISCONTINUED *CRIES*.

Apparently, the new creative directly of YSL is going to 'rebrand' and change their name to "Saint Laurent Paris". 

And SAs all around the world have been telling clients the arty rings may be discontinued soon. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will definitely buy another one if that happens!!

oh god.. who am i kidding I will probably buy another one even if that doesn't happen..

Hmmmm rose gold 8-)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Best Tiffany sterling silver gift for whatever budget

I LOVE Tiffany and spend a great deal of time browsing on the website and lusting after the pretty jewelry.

Some drainer people argue that Tiffany is ridiculously overpriced and that the majority of the $$ forked over is paying for the brand.

While you probably can get something cheaper at a local jeweler I find Tiffany styles to be so classic and timeless that I will happily fork over the extra cash to buy something that I know I will love and cherish for many many years. Plus, there is nothing quite like the feeling of opening the little blue box ;)

Once you get over the intimidation of walking through their security guarded door, you will find that there is something there to suit every budget.

The following are the sterling silver styles that I feel - after sifting through their online catalogue are the most gorgeous for gifting, sorted from lowest price to high~~~all prices in AUD

going above $600 imo, it would be more worth to start looking at gold/rose gold pieces.

Return to Tiffany double heart tag pendant.
Also comes in a version with Tiffany blue enamel and no enamel. Very small delicate looking hearts for a sweetheart <3 br="br">

Tiffany heart tag earrings

$205 each. 
Return to Tiffany bead bracelet. 
Comes in many different "charm" styles. Personally I have the heart one and LOVE it. It's a very dainty piece which is so pretty. 

Tiffany bow earring

Tiffany heart key charm ($170) + silver chain ($70)

Return to Tiffany heart tag with key pendant. Comes with 16 inch chain. 

Infinity pendent 

Bow pendant. Medium size. 

1837 interlocking circles pendant

Twist heart charm ($270) on pendant ($70)

Paloma's Venezia Goldoni heart band ring

Tiffany Keys three-key pendant

$375. Return to Tiffany heart tag bracelet. 
An absolute classic. Copied by many others but never matched. The "first" Tiffany piece for many girls. Also comes with a round tag and toggle style clasp. 

Elsa peretti diamond by the yard pendant with 0.05 ct diamond

Pearls by the Yard Bracelet

Tiffany Yours "Close To My Heart" bangle

Return to Tiffany small heart tag in silver on a fresh water pearl bracelet. 
Pearls pearls pearls. Timeless and classic. Absolutely gorgeous. 

Elsa Peretti Open Heart bangle

- Live life! If u like it buy it. If the shoe fits wear it. If u feel like it do it! -