Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I want what i want when i want it

Obsessed with bangles and cuffs...

Sportsgirl love bangle: 10 bucks

Witchery leather cuff thingy: 20 (down from 40)

Bow leather cuff thingy: 25 from some Korean jewelry store

Found a new way to use the mesh thingy on the side of my computer
earring holder xD

Rubi shoes ~~

I never get what i really want when i want it!!
Jobs i want reject me but the one i don't want wants me!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This puppy is sooooooooooooooo cute.....
I want it...
Look at those trusting eyes... omggggg
nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ^^

Friday, September 3, 2010

I should really sleep

$2 tissues from Target
They made me giggle...

Omfg I was gonna start my assignment today but I've been browsing the internet allllll freaken day.

Looking through wholesaledress.net (coz i still got 7 bucks credit left on that site from something I ordered last time being out of stock), reading blogs, stalking ebay and shopping sites, lusting over things I can't afford.

I been looking at these purses on Ebay ever since my best friend went to *love* Sydney *love* and bought one from Paddys market for less than 5 AUD!

They are on Ebay for $5.99 with free postage~

Comes in different colors:

But the prettiest one is this one:
Black! (My friend has awesome taste xD)

~Totes digging the floral stuff coming in stores these days~

I know some people hate it when ppl copy them and buy stuff but we always buying the same stuff coz our tastes are so similar and we're so close we don't really give a shit if we own the same clothes/bags or wutever.

We even planning to get the same model car~ (Mine in white and hers in black, mine in 4 door - I can't stand 2 door cars, and hers in 2 door) and drive them around together ^^ haha sounds so retarded xD but will look cute I reckon o.O

That being said it's FUCKING ANNOYING when you see someone buying something just coz they see that you bought it.. I mean once or twice is alright, heck it's a compliment to your taste! But not copying EVERY FUCKING THING like a damn groupie!! Like you buy a dress, see them... then next week you see them wearing the same thing!! Then the following week they are wearing whatever you were wearing when you saw them wearing YOUR dress!! Does that make sense... hahaha ><

Grrr... It's like in SATC when that BITCH woman stole Charlotte's baby name..

Anyways I dunno if I should get that purse or not since I don't really need it xD
I still have my Oroton and SABA coin purse which are just in my drawer waiting to be used...

But its soooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!


Omfg I was digging thru my bag and randomly found some Lindt that I bought yesterday and forgot all about!!


:) @ finding random yummy food xD

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good things come in little packages~


My quest to find a cute gold bag charm for my pochette strap took me to shop-o today where I finally found it!!
Juicy Couture key chain!!!

It's sooo hard to find ANY Juicy Couture stuff in Australia...Unless you buy fake stuff off Ebay which isn't even that CHEAP! 50 bucks for a fake key ring? No thanks! Rather pay 30 bucks more and get the real thing.

It's really about time DJ's expanded their collection of Juicy products.. or even better, someone open a store here, in MELBOURNE xD *hint hint*

I saw some bag charms in other stores, but they were either sooo ugly, soooo overpriced (*cough* Mimco *cough* Oroton *cough*) or nice but horrible quality.

The other side:
LIVE FOR SUGAR!! Kawaiii~!!

^3^ *muah muah*


Better length and its cute!!

My arm looks weird coz it was holding the camera~

At first I wasn't too sure about the huge Candy charm thing on it and I was gonna take it off, but now it's kind of growing on me :D

Today I also received my order from wholesaledress~

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by their products. The quality was much better than i expected!

So this is what I ordered (one of the dresses was out of stock :( ):

Photo on website:
My crappy camera could not capture the true colors but in real life the colors look exactly like the ones in their picture. Quality was pretty good too and it came with the white thingy inside xD.

Website photo:
Exactly the same as the website photo. Very happy with this :D
Gonna wear it with a skirt like the girl in the picture.
It's not made with dodgy cheap material and sewn together quite well. *loves*

Website photo:
This is the only one that I wasn't too satisfied with.
The dress was too big for me and longer than the one pictured on the girl.
However, it is a nice floral print and I think with a bit of altering I can get it to look good :D

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with what I ordered. Considering I only paid around 40 AUD for these 3 items, which were decent quality.

You can check out their other stuff here:

Went into Diva today and saw that OMG THEY HAVE A DISNEY COLLECTION!!!!

The stuff looks soooo much like Disney Couture jewelry but at much affordable prices and they are soooo adorable!!!!

Some pieces from off the website:

They are sooo gorgeous!!

I want this one:
It says "Once upon a time"

There was a necklace there exactly like my Disney Couture Tinkerbell "Believe" necklace. But the difference was it cost a fraction of the price!!
Omg!! Gonna go back and get some pieces before they are sold out xD


I also got my ebay lashes in the mail today:

I like these coz it's not one pattern the whole way thru and the outter edge part is thicker.. for cuter fuller lashes :P

$10 for 10 pairs.
Bargain ^3^