Monday, March 23, 2009

Vending machines

Was at the Glen yesterday and saw one of those little vending machines. Couldn't resist so i popped 2 bux in.
Isn't he cute!!!
hehe... check out the other ones.

I really want the guy on the bottom right. He's see thru!

Anyways, this is the current background of my phone. Cute right??
guess where it's from?

It's actually a photo of a wall in chinatown outside some fob shop. hehe

Friday, March 20, 2009

Broke but happy

Gah~~I am so damn broke!!!

Been buying and buying and buying without being sustainable coz I don't get any damn shifts at work.

The manager is a @#%@#%@#$. She doesn't do her job properly, favors people, bullies people.. generally makes an already crap place to work even worse!

Basically, it's suck up or get treated like shit.

One guy does absolutely NOTHING. When it's busy and there is a lot of work to do he basically just stand's around and SCRATCHES HIS ARMS.. and she doesn't do SHIT coz he sucks up like no tomorrow.

Everyone fucking hates him. His whole shift he stands around and shuffles papers and tidies the pens. And when the manager walks past, does she tell him off? Nope. Starts having private conversations. Oh. My. God. Seriously?

Another guy gets treated SO BADLY. She basically gives him the BARE MINIMUM shifts to work (3 hours every 2 months) and then after he is rostered for that shift she will call someone else to replace him, then move him to another shift. How fucking pissed would you be!! Even when there are shifts available she will purposely tell us "DON'T CALL HIM".

And worst of all, the "union" that is supposed to be 'fighting for workers rights' doesn't do jack shit. He calls them up to complain, and they are like "oh you have to be a member for us to do anything and joining right now won't help because we only deal with issues that happen AFTER you join."

Fucking asshole union. The union is supposed to stand for a cause right? To uphold workers rights, make sure they get a fair go. But no, they only care if you pay them the stupid membership fee. FUcken assholes. Since when were unions supposed to be so commercialised.

I've been trying to quit the union for 3 months.

Went to their website. They ONLY go on and on about how good it is to join, be part of something big etc etc. NOTHING about how to leave.

So I call them up. The woman that picks up the phone says in the bitchiest voice: "Is there any particular reason you want to leave?"

"I don't think the union is actually doing what it's supposed to stand for and I don't want to be a part of it anymore."

"Well you can't jsut leave just like that. You need to send us an email and we will send you a letter back. You then take this letter to your employer so they can stop your payments."

So I do just that. Sent an e-mail straight away stating name, membership number and intention to leave.

A month goes by....

I send another mail.

Another month goes by...


How long does it take to read one e-mail.

So I went into work to ask them to just terminate the payment. They can't. I'm told to send a letter by snail mail. This was a month ago...

Still waiting...GRRRR

Anyways onto my purchases =D
Longchamp Les Pliage Tote in Medium Black. $189.

I've ALWAYS wanted one of these!! It's like so damn good and convenient. Fit's everything. I love the simple style of it, matches everything. Perfect size too.

I was browsing around their website and saw this:

A BACKPACK style of this line. Isn't it the most disgusting thing you've ever seen??! Oh my god!! Who the hell would wear it... Oh my god.. a BACKPACK what were they thinking =\

I also got this MIMCO wallet:

Comes in pink as wellWasn't actually a huge fan of it when I saw it, mainly due to the tassle thing.

But now I'm super in love with it. The style is so unique and I took the tassle thingy off.

It's got a nice interior as well. Selling at DJs for like$169 but the Mimco outlet had it for $99.95. Then I got a further 20% off coz they are having a sale!! All up $79.95. Bargain!!!

I heart Mimco.

Here's another pic of it without the tassle

Which brings me to my next purchase....

MSI Wind U100 mini netbook!!!!


It's like perfect for uni. Perfect size, weight, and functions. Not as small as the tiny tiny eepcs and looks a whole lot better (in my opinion). I love love love it so much. xD

Performance is surprisingly good for something so compact.

Comes in 3 colors: white, black and pink.

Although the white one looks the best, I picked black coz it wouldn't get so dirty after a while. =p

Pink was never an option coz I never buy feminine gadets!! Which is why my Ipod is blue and my NDS is white.

Hmmm.... anyways I leave you with a random pic of a huge ice cream we ate in the city. Doesn't look too nice but tasted awesome.

Green tea flavor is the bestttt

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My cookie

So... I was having a pretty bad day. Long story ....
Anyways, I'm at the train station and spot a vending machine.
Not having had lunch, I decide to be kind to myself and buy myself a cookie.
Put my money in the machine.
Cookie moves closer to be dispensed....
That's just the last straw.
Hysterical, I give the machine a mightly kick. The cookie budges one millimetre.
The sound causes ppl to look at me with those "omg what a weirdo" corner-of-the-eye looks.
But I don't care.
I hurl abuse at the machine for a while.
It stands there insolently.
So I give it another mighty kick.
Cookie moves another millimetre..but is STILL STUCK.
My anger increases tenfold.
In the end my bf had to put another two dollars fifty in the machine to get the damn cookie out just to calm me down.
... it didn't even taste good...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dress up party

Sneak peek =p

Retail woes - general consumer attitudes

I hate working in retail, I really do.

My theory is that everyone should work in retail at least once in their lives - then there would be a lot less rude bitches and assholes walking around.

Manners and general social etiquette disapear for many people as soon as they walk into a store: yelling and swearing after being overcharged a whopping ONE DOLLAR, the sarcastic eye roll when told something is out of stock, whistling and snapping of the fingers to get my attention, the grunt in response to your 'hi how are you' ussually paired with the ungrateful snatching of their bag of stuff at the end... I could go on forever.

People seem to think that retail workers are dumb, stupid high school drop outs with sub par intelligence who can't find 'real jobs' and therefore deserve to be treated like absolute shit. In actual fact, a lot of us are in university, completing our degrees while working part time trying to gain some work experience or just some extra cash on the side.

Why do you think the staff turnover rate is so high in retail? Coz working in retail is only a TEMPORARY part of our lives until we move onto bigger and better things.

Now, the attitude many people have (and i quote) are "they should have stayed in school" and "it's their job, it's what they are getting paid to do."

As I have already said, many retail workers ARE actually in University, or completing high school (yes we do have real lives outside of work). BUT.. even if someone was a high school drop out, what gives people the right to treat them any differently? So maybe they aren't the brightest of people, maybe they don't have the intelligence, maybe they just don't WANT TO. At least they are trying to earn money to support themselves. How does that give people a free pass to treat them like crap.

Yes, we are getting paid to help you out and serve you, but would it KILL YOU to be civil.

Just because I WORK here doesn't mean I will eat, live and DIE here.

I didn't purposely overcharged you ONE DOLLAR to rip you off and put that WHOPPING ONE DOLLAR into my own pocket.

So you bought a faulty product.. shit happens... come back, tell us nicely what the problem is and we will do our best to give you an exchange or refund .. don't come into the store yelling and abusing me or I might suddenly feel the need to enforce our strict refund policy which doesn't allow any returns on your particular item ;)

Didn't mama ever tell you to ask nicely?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Unecessary luxuries

I was walking around the city today after Uni and this caught my eye..

Beanie with a pom pom! It doesn't look that great in the picture, but I'm feeling too ugly and tired right now to camwhore with it, perhaps another day.

I was surprised they were selling winter stuff already, but it's never too early to stock up!!

Pom pom beanies are so damn cute xD
Hate this outfit but the hat is cute
It looks so warm and cuddly hehe.

These girls all seem to have tucked their fringes inside the hat, but coz i have this weird head shape + fringe I'll probably wear it with the fringe sticking out at the front. *sigh* at having a stupid head.

Anyways, my new Samsung phone arrived in the mail today!!

Samsung F480.

Ever since my old crappy nokia kept turning itself off for no reason I decided to get a new one.

It's touch screen. Woot.

I'm loving the 5mp camera !! Will be uploading a LOT more pix from now on, hopefully.

Here are two pics for comparison purposes:
Random pic of my Smiggle pencil case. Love love love the patent leather look.
This was taken on pretty low settings with my new Samsung, see how clear the pic is :)
Pizza made by me and my bf. We just chucked a whole heap of stuff on.. was yumm!!!
This pic was taken with the camera on my old phone. All blurry and shitty. Tehehe

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Celebrities without make up

Don't you just love it when normally "beautiful" ppl look ugly =p

(yes, im an insecure bitch.. i know. i KNOW)

Lindsay Lohan

Kate Winslet

Lil Kim

Kate Moss

Jessica Simpson

Eva Longoria


Elle 'the body' Macpherson

Cameron Diaz

Calista Flockheart


Elva Siu
Magibon (tryhard cute thing on youtube)