Friday, October 31, 2008

update on clubbing post

I heard from a little bird that following the incident in the club involving Mr Sleaze he went around telling people and pointing to Pretty and Myself "Those two girls are party poopers. Don't even let me have a little feel."
What a total douchebag.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

on attention whores

I fucking can NOT stand attention seeking whores playing computer games. You are a girl. You don't have a freaken penis when you open your legs.. GET OVER YOURSELF.

Ok. You are a girl playing a GAME. You are doing something that is supposed to apparently be a mainly 'male' only thing. We got it. Don't need to fucken bring it up every fucken second "imagirlimagirlimagirl!!'
The typical conversation (in wow)
Someone: great job guys
ASW (attention seeking whore) : GUYS?!?! I'm a girl :)
ASW: [insert some supposedly modest remark about her being a girl again and feign shock that people are surprised shes a girl]
Loser 2: Are you hot babe
Loser 3: Sexy, do you have msn?

So freaken annoying.

And then there are the idiot girls who start acting like hot shit when loser guys start hitting on them over the internet.

A typical example is Emily, blood elf hunter on Dreadmaul.
She's made herself famous flaunting, advertising, broadcasting her FEMALE self over Wow. Thinking she is top shit coz she can tell loser guys "stop following me around like a lost puppy", "the 13 year olds that wanan cyber with me".

Umm.. reality check. Guys hitting on you over the net does NOT MAKE YOU HOT.
Talking like you're freaken Miss Universe rejecting would be suitors.
Fucken idiot.
When I was playing dota on BA I also came across another idiot.

Back in (oldschool) 3c (3 corridoors) days, I was in a particular game where the person who picked Potm (one of the best heros on the good side) was a total freaken noob, their name was "Princess".

This person had no clue what she was doing.. at all. The first skill she picked was searing arrows, and while some pros can pull it off she was just fully shit. Turned it on autocast and just let it auto attack anything. Didn't time the hits nothing.

While I have nothing against noobs.. the other players on the team you could tell were really "serious" i-want-to-win types. This one particular idiot (we shall refer to him as 'idiot' from hereon) kept getting pissy at me for not stunning the opposing hero (I was mountain king and oom - out of mana).

Anyways, the game had only gone for a little while, everyone was about level 4 but Princess on level 2 just had her second death.

Me: "man princess is a noob"
Idiot: "princess is my GF"
Me: "so? she's a noob"
Idiot: "STFU shes a girl"

WUT THE FUCK?!?!?! He's playing so serious serious yelling at me for being "A FUCKING NOOB" not stunning when i was fucking OUT OF MANA while Princess dies twice letting Archi get freaken strong and I can't call her a noob coz "its a girl".
FUCKING most stupid reasoning I have ever heard in my LIFE.

Like wtf?!?! It's a GIRL. Oh wow. BIG DEAL. I don't give a flying shit if its your gf your mom or your grandma playing. Is the fact that "oh-mi-god-princess-is-a-girl-playing-games" gonna like 'excuse' her from everything? i think NOT. FUcking idiot. Showing off to everyone oh look my gf is so cool she plays dota with me. FUCKING PISS ME OFF MAN.

And what's more annoying is I can't exactly say "so fucking what i'm a girl too get over it dipshit." Coz that just sounds UNGIRLY and makes me sound like an attention whore too. Not to mention he prolly won't believe me coz I just wouldn't be able to type it in any other girl way that would not be agressive and sarcastic. GRRRRRRRRRR.

Let me try to type that out girlishly...
"ohhhh Princess is a girl? I'm a girl too :) [YOU FUCKING DIPSHIT FUCK LIKE I GIVE A FUCK SHES A GIRL?!?!]
To add fuel to the fire some other idiot on the team immediatly said "is she hot".
To which Princess replied with the age old attention-whore-trying-to-be-cute response of...

Hmm... attention seeking whores shot be shot.