Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Omfg!! I HATE blogspot picture uploading thingy... I clicked 'upload' and it uploaded each picture like 10 times!!! Grrrrrr.... wish there was a drag and drop function for it ;(



My gorgeous 'new to me' Louis Vuitton Monogram Pochette

Super cute!! It's in excellent condition, the previous owner must not of used it much because the vachetta (leather strap part) has barely patinaed at all (the natural cowhide leather in LV bags gradually oxidizes and turns darker as the bag ages). I can't WAIT for her to patina coz personally i LOVE the look of a well loved and cared for LV bag ^^

Even tho it is such a small bag it is soooo versatile and fits sooo much stuff. It can fit my phone, wallet, keys and lipgloss no problem. The perfect bag for when you're not carrying a lot of stuff.
This is all the shit I managed to fit inside!! Would of been even more if I took the strap off my keys~~

The only issue I have with this bag is that the strap is a bit short, so I'm planning to get a strap extender for it so the effect is something similar to this:

However, using a Juicy couture Keychain instead of that flimsy BABYDOLL chain I substituted :P

LV has an official one but imo it is wayyyy overpriced for a small keyring and doesn't look that great...

LVoe LVoe LVoe

Mr Piggybank cow is empty now =[

Damn you Blizzard!!

Why make such addictive games for!!

I haateee you!!!


Nooooo I'm sorry!!!


Admiring my new Angel Wing earrings ^^

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pig wearing shoes and eyeliner

I am such a pig....
In a span of 2 hours I ate:

1 takoyaki stick (Flinders St sushi shop makes the besttttt take away ones!!!!!)
1 cream filled chocolate icing donut from Krispy Kreme
Half a bag of Starburst chewy snake lollies
3 slices of pizza
1 cruiser
2 cups of coke

Omggg!!! and i want to eat moreeeee~~~~!!!

God bless asian genes... otherwise I'd be the biggest fatty :P

Today I was in line at Target ready to pay off my coles source credit card bill (they charged me 25 bucks for not paying my last month minimum which was 10 bucks :( ...boooooo.... my own fault tho o.O ) and I walk up to the counter and this old haggy BITCH just cuts in and dumps her shit there. Grrrr.... I'm sure she saw me next in line too coz she purposely avoided eye contact the whole time her ugly ass shopping was being scanned ready to get taken home and worn by her ugly ass self. Grrr... hate people who think the world revolves around them -_- and why was I not surprised when she took her bag of ugliness without even a word of 'thanks'.


Bought these today for a ridiculously good price :D

There were only 2 pairs left and both were in my size!!!!!

Sometimes... just sometimes it is good to have a rare shoe size.. u can snap up these bargains ^^

They join my patent and 'patent' leather family..
awwww... aren't they adorable :)))))
my precioussssssss

Got some Rimmel make up too ~!

and two eyeshadows for making black / brown smokey eye look

Spring is coming, time to pedicure those feet and buy new sandals ~!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Online shopping

Getting back into the swing of things with a spot of online shopping...

What I got:

Eyelashes T
Floral dress
This top thingy (two layered so you can wear the top layer over a bikini at the beach :P)
Dress with lace side (comes in white too)
I read reviews about the website and they were VERY mixed.. so *crosses fingers*

Currently still lusting after an Eva clutch which is my absolute HG of small handbags.
With the price decrease at LV maybe it's time to buy? ^^

The definition of perfection:

omfg I went to my old high school today to hand in the enrollment forms for my brother coz he's going there next year. I swear, schools have turned into the biggest money grabbing whores now. They have a building appeal "donation" fund but it's not really 'donation' at all. Basically they send you INVOICES each year to pretty much force you to pay up. Back when I went there each year they would send you a YEARLY invoice telling you a specific amount they wanted you to pay as a 'donation'.

Now they have a PLAQUE at the school, ranking families into GOLD SILVER AND BRONZE donors. WTF!!!

ANyways.... I WANT THIS!!
But its out of stock :(
She is so cute :D

Dream hair

More make up wonders

A random thread I found on soompi... reaffirms my *love* for make up xD

Fish markets

Holy shit I've abandoned this blog for over half a year....

Well not abandon... rather just creepily logging in and stalking other blogs... *hehehe* evil laugh..

Annnyways!!! Should really update more often x_X

Some random stuff...


Look at all these Oysters... omfggggg... its like i died and gone to smelly oyster heaven *drools*

rows and rows of slimy goodness. Just ready to be bought and sucked up :)

imo Oysters are best served fresh with just a bit of lemon :D ~ apparently its nice with bbq sauce + lemon but i never tried :(

They had sooo many different varieties and some were HUGE!!! Like fill-up-the-size-of-the-shell huge... And theres this dude standing there constantly opening them up so you can be sure they are fresh from the sea~ the taste is omfg melt in your mouth good... a MUST GO PLACE FOR SEAFOOD LOVERS!!

I was too busy eating to take many pics, but...

Seafood platter with half a lobster for 25 bucks!!!!
Without the lobster... 15 bucks!!

Can you say BARGAIN!

personally i ONLY WANT THE OYSTERS...
soooo goood....

I remember I was watching some episode of Ladette to Lady (some english program where they get uncouth barbaric and rude girls and train them to become 'ladies') and they got to eat fresh oysters and they were actually puking and stuff!! WTF~ soooo lucky !!!!

finish off with a chocolate coated strawberry ~
I wanna try make this at home... it seems easy enough..

I heart Sydney~~~

They even have a cashbox hahaa