Sunday, June 21, 2009


My yummy USB =D

Friday, June 19, 2009


Been camping my mailbox for the past 2 days and finally it came!!
My first time shopping with Yukie ~ this is her site

Highly recomended!
Communication and shipping was really fast..
Will definately get more stuff =p

What I bought..

My camera sucks T_T

Set of deco parts, so cute =D

Miniture clay decos..
These are so cute man! They're like so intricately made.
See? Look at this dessert! WHy are miniture things are so cute omg XD
And this cake =D

And... I got an extra present too:
Omgomg so excited I love getting parcels in the mail.
She is such a nice seller =D

Do visit the site =p
Ok i'm off to decorate random stuff and camp my mailbox for my other parcels

Friday, June 12, 2009

Doing my part: stimulating the economy

Been so busy lately with exams what not.. argh!! Life is so hectic!!! Can't wait til it's all over and I can kick back and relax


But even in this chaos and panic, I, out of the goodness of my heart, unselfishly took the time aside to do my part as a good citizen and stimulate the economy (we are officially in a depression bitches!!).

This is part of my [tiny/miniscule/irrelevant] contribution to the economy:

RMK "ERTE" in black patent leather
omg I can't stress enuff how much I love patent leather omgomgOMGASM..

This crummy pic doesn't do it justice. Its super shiny
and hothothothothothothothot..

I've always wanted shoes like this!! But my feet are like size 5 and it's sooo hard to find shoes that fit. So when they do.. its immediately a must have. =D

They're like a grown up more glamorous version of my other shoes which look exactly the same but have a kitten heel instead.
Hmmm... one for day one for night.. SEXY!

Now, being the selfless person I am of course I didn't just stop my spending there =p
However no pics yet coz still waiting for shipping :(


I found the cutest necklace from Disney Couture. But guess what? For some FUCKED UP REASON most of the websites don't ship their items to Australia anymore.
"fairest of them all" necklace.
i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want I WANT IT!

It's sold out on which is like the only site I found that ships to AUS :(
There are ones on ebay but I'm pretty sure they are dodgy ones sigh.

Other cute stuff from their collection:
Alice in Wonderland wrap bracelet

Believe tinkerbell necklace

Magic castle ring

Treasure Box ring

Magic Castle Pendent

Aieeeee so cute but so far away >.<

I wish Australia was more commercialised omg. So many awesome stores we don't have here.
We need:

Juicy Couture
Victoria's Secret

... just to name a few...damn... I feel deprived.

Annyways.. this blogger picture thingy is PISSING ME OFF so gonna piss off now.. hehe!


Pot plants from IKEA <3