Friday, February 27, 2009


I love Gucci...

These are so cute...

Heart shaped coin purse with zip top closure.


My new bag =D

Don't you hate it when you see something you like, however decide to defer the purchase of it for a few hours so you can 'shop around' and see what else is out there.

Then when you realise nothing else can compare you come back to realise some FAGGOT has bought it.

It just makes you wanna punch yourself.. especially when you see said product dangling on the arm of the less deserving bitch who sneakily claimed victory by stealing what is yours..

And u feel sad and depressed coz you walked around all day looking around

You're feet are sore, legs are tired, and you have NOTHING TO SHOW for it.

You realize you'll never find another product that is quite the perfect shape, size, color etc.

You want to kick yourself but you're too tired to even lift your legs.

So you go home that day and mourn your loss for a few weeks while cursing the bitch to damnation.

And then one bright sunny day you are out shopping again and your prayers are answered.

The shop r e s t o c k e d.

My new bag.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Internet warriors

I joined Vent (something similar to Skype but with a lot more people) under the name "luciness".
Who knew there would be a Point Dexter Vent Troll sniffing through the list of names.

*KICK* You have been kicked out of this vent server.

Reason: Names start with capital letters. Unlike well, yours.

I'm in the middle of the game, so I can't be bothered changing my name. And for fuck sake, really.. who the hell cares??

So I joined again.

*KICK* You have been kicked out of this vent server.

Reason: Can you not read? CAPITAL LETTERS.

A fuckhead with a superiority complex.

Superiority complex refers to a subconscious neurotic mechanism of compensation developed by the individual as a result of feelings of inferiority. The feelings of inferiority in this specific complex are often brought on by real or perceived social rejection.
(stolen from wikipedia)

A fuckhead with a superiority complex over CAPITAL letters.

Trying to sound so superior and smart and looking down upon this poor stupid deluded soul who didn't start her nickname with a CAPITAL L.

Jeez, if you wanna feel smart go write up a dictionary or something. Vent trolling over people's UNCAPITALIZED nicknames is like well, LAME.

But then again, it was probably the highlight of Point Dexter's day.

"This idiot has no idea man. Doesn't even know proper grammer. Shouldn't be allowed to breed.." etc etc etc


Monday, February 9, 2009

Socks shoes and hair

I'm not into extreme fobby fashion at all (think: green and white striped jacket + hot pink top with engrish and random 'cute print' + checkered black and grey skirt + black and grey striped stockings + high top white canvas shoes with polka dot lining) and yes, i did actually see this outfit on a poor deluded individual.

However, there are some elements I do like, this being one of them:

Black knee socks! Imo, it's damn cute and makes your legs look skinny and long even when they aren't. For some weird reason my left leg is fatter than my right leg so one sock is higher than the other.

I bought these socks at some fobby Korean sock shop in the city. It's a whole shop dedicated to selling socks and caps. I really don't know how they can make a profit off it but the shop has been there for years.

They're actually for part of my outfit for the dress up party in March :) and not for normal wear - although I'm really tempted now to wear them casually (but I don't wanna get weird stares from strangers who think I'm a fashion disaster =\).

My feet next to Paris Hilton's face.

I was digging thru my shoe graveyard in my closet and I found these!

Totally forgot I had them. Pink Nikes.

Pretty cute right? Take a closer look.

They cost me 15AUD.

I was in China and I needed a pair of sneakers for one day. The problem was I never wear running shoes and didn't own a single pair. It would be stupid to pay 200 bux for something I'm gonan wear once. So I paid 90 bucks. 90 bucks chinese money.

If you look closely you can see the dodgy parts about it.

For one, I don't even know if such a style exists in pink army print. The real deal also have more holes at the front of the shoe. This style of shoe does not have "AIR" in them, although my shoe has "AIR" printed on the side of the sole (hard to see in the pic). Through my observations, the tongue part of the shoe that says Nike should be a consistent color with the rest of the shoe, unlike mine which is blue.

However, I do think they were a great for one day wear.

This post is so totally random. In the spirit of randomness I will be random once more!

I finally kinda figured out a way to style my annoying hair. It's all in the art of blow drying. I kinda copied the way the hair dressers blow dry your hair by taking sections of it with a round bristle brush and drying them one by one. Here is the end result.

A definate improvement I think! =D

Next step is to learn how to curl my hair with the same round brush ^^

Work related stress

Can't stand people who suck up to get what they want. Can't stand that people who suck up to get what they want generally do get what they want.

Forget about doing a genuinely good job and your fair share of the work. Just suck up and work only while in the presence of a 'superior' and you will be fine.

Sugar coated words, fakey fake compliments, feigning being helpful and hardworking the 1% of time you are being watched and life will be a breeze.

The rest of the time you are unsupervised? Make personal phone calls. Run off and dump the work to others. You are not being watched so it doesn't matter coz SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU.

Well so what you say, if u can't beat em then join em? No fucking way. Suck up to someones ass and worship the ground they stand on? No thank you.

I know for a fact I'm definately not the most hard working person in the world. But I do my fair share of the work 90% of the time, not just in that supervised 5%.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

People who don't know how to behave in public

So I'm walking along this quiet shopping centre with 2 friends I haven't seen for ages just talking and chatting.

The path is very wide, about 5 metres. We keep to the left and are taking up HALF the space maximum.

Suddenly we hear this old cranky "lady's" voice behind us, "Girls. Quickly. Hurry up."

Turning around to see who the bitch was, she seized the opportunity to walk right thru us.

The path is 5 metres wide. She had OVER HALF OF IT to walk through without (a) disturbing us (b) causing a fuss (c) being a fucking bitch in general.

Naturally, I (very reasonably) said to her witchlike figure walking away from us. "You do realize this is a pretty wide path right. You CAN just walk 2 extra steps to go around us."

Well of course fucking bitches don't like to be put in their place and this fucking bitch was no exception. Nuh uh. She turned around, looked me in the eye and said: "You're very lucky to even be here. So SHUT THE FUCK UP."

Wow. Just wow. Talk about bitter old hag that needs a good fuck.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stupid hair

I hate my hair!!!
It's stupid and wavy and buffy like hell.

My fringe doesn't sit properly and waves around retardedly.

Plus I was an idiot and dyed it black.
Black hair doesn't suit me that much

To get it "right" again I need to go dye it brown and straighten it.

That's like 500+ :(

zzzZzz I hate having naturally wavy hair. It's retarded.

On better hair days .. *sighs wistfully*

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I wish there were more occassions in Australia where you can get dressed up in stupid costumes ~ like Halloween in America.

Seems the only time you can do that here is if someone holds a fancy dress party, and even then some people rock up in casual =p

The last time I "dressed up" for anything was I think on year 12 dress up day (sooo long ago) where we decided to go with the theme of 'beauty pagent contestents'.

And we didn't even get that dressy... it was basically jeans, heels, top, crown and a sash.

Hehe guess which one i am hehehe..

And a time I "dressed up" before that was to some fairy themed party when I was a little kid.


That's why I'm SO DAMN EXCITED Susie and Jessica are gonna hold a dress up party thingy sometime around Feb - Mar. FINALLY!!! I get to jump into some other characters clothes for a day ^^

The topic for girls is free.. so anything we want and to force the guys to acutally dress up a *zzz* mafia *zzz* topic was imposed (but then again who the hell cares what guys wear anyway).

We picked our outfits already xD.

Bought them from some chinese lingerie website. I think they're actually supposed to be some kind of role playing outfits (the way they were modeled certainly seemed that way) but they are really damn cute and the prices were too awesome to miss.

Here are some of the ones i liked:

Cute Maid (Lolitta-ish)

Sexy Maid

Airline Hostess

Japanese School Uniform (cute!!!!)

Cute sailor girl

I think this one is a teacher
The gloves are super sexy but it's a but too much

Red sailor
(Dont know why but the model of this one pisses me off)

Cute nurse

Police woman *reow*

It was SOOOOO hard to choose.. but I did decide on one in the end =D

Not gonna say which one tho muahahha...

I might post pics up of the party later, depending on how things go.. hehe

Omg can't wait..