Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I am never going clubbing again!! 11th of April go clubbing (Castle) where Sam Lee (some famous fob) is there. Dance drink dance drink .. rah rah rah the same routine. I seriously feel FINE inside the club. A little dizzy and thats it. Then as soon as I leave. Omg never felt worse in my LIFE. Throw up non stop... Can't breathe... Head gonna explode... -pass out- ...wake up next morning with a huge ass headache and for the next 12 hours am unable to eat and barely able to drink coz the feeling of puking is always immenent <-*i can't spelllll*... I really don't know how this happened... I felt FINEEE while inside..

Tell me how does this make sense..

My SECOND year subject gives us a 2000 word report thingy to split between 4 people...while my FIRST year subject gives us a frkn 3000 word report where we have to fly solo.. I mean.. wut the hell... are they trying to make us fail straightaway so we'll work harder in future semesters or what.. SUCKS!

People always try to sound non superficial going "oh looks don't matter" but if a super ugly person is interested in them. The first thing they will tell you is "HE/SHE is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly. When i look at his/her face i feel like i'm gonna puke. i feel sorry for the oxygen that has to come in contact with their ugly ass features, that is prolly how carbon dioxide is made.. when suicidal oxygen touches that ugly person face. I really really hate how fat/pimply they are. i would rather shove my eyeballs in the blender and drink the juice than date them... etc etc etc... oh yeh, but looks don't matter to me at all^^ "

and finally ... how all these idiots are harping on about the tibet issue/china abusing human rights, when they only listen to what they hear in the MEDIA and don't go pick up a damn history book to read up. don't know how calling people "barbaric chinese" etc is not constituted as bias. stupid fucks. Then start chanting PROPAGANDA, IT'S COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA as soon as they hear the other side of the argument. stupid dalai lama and his nobel peace prize. should be shoved up his ass.

Anyways.. why are my posts always so bitchy? =p

Hmm Question: How come at the time you thought u looked pretty cute but when u look back its like OMG what the hell was i thinking?
2003 (omg wtf...)

2004 start (wut's with the hat you stupid moron)

2004 middle (smiling like a retard)2004 end (playboy necklace.. how SAD)

2005 (short hair - yuck)
2006 (meh...)

2007 (hmm)

2008 (the start)

2008 (now~!)

thus concludes my evolution ~ o.O ~


Anty said...

aww the last photo is cute lol adorable~ guchi guchi LOL. *pinches cheeks*

Dai Dai~ said...

I like the 2004 (Start) one...LOL @ least u didn't wear leg warmers...or did u?! =/ haha

Anonymous said...

where is the 199x/198x photos ?