Sunday, July 12, 2009

Anna Sui

Omg I'm a sucker for cute packaging!!

Look at this:

Anna Sui make up box.
Isn't it the cutest thing ever!!

It's mine mine mine~! =D
I saw it on and I couldn't resist.

So addicted to Anna Sui packaging now.
I did some research and apparently the actual products aren't actually that spectacular.
But what it lacks it makes up for in looks!!

It's kinda like when u make more allowances for good looking ppl to have shittier personalities... and HOT DAMN Anna Sui packaging is pretty!! (haha not really ;) !! or is it?! )

I want a whole dresser full of Anna Sui stuff omg.
Look at these ~

The mirror and stuff come in white as well, but the black is supposed to last longer and be better quality =D

Sooo cute.

I almost bought the mirror too but it was kinda pricey and I couldn't really justify spending soooo much on a mirror.

When I was in China last year I did buy a knock off. But the quality was kinda shit and it broke within a few months. Pretty devastated T_T

Then.. I was in the city one day and I saw this.. and immediately it was mine

"Inspired" Anna Sui mirror in some fobby shop on Lonsdale St. It was less than 9 bux :P

Omg *srsly addicted*.
Plz plz plz open up a Sasa in Australia.

Speaking of pretty packaging, I also got this mascara:

Majolica Majorca. This brand is like part of Shiseido, kinda like how Boujours is part of Chanel.


I had already gave up mascara for false lashes, but this one is srsly making me consider coming bak omggg..... will post photos later when i can be fucked.

Anyways, I saw a real douche bag guy the other day wearing those weird Akon sunnies that aren't really sunnies. The ones that are just plastic with the stripes across. Who the fuck would wear that on the street man. ANd he was strutting around like he was really cool or something talking loudly on his mobile. I think he was chinese too.

So fucken embarassing man =.=

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