Friday, June 19, 2009


Been camping my mailbox for the past 2 days and finally it came!!
My first time shopping with Yukie ~ this is her site

Highly recomended!
Communication and shipping was really fast..
Will definately get more stuff =p

What I bought..

My camera sucks T_T

Set of deco parts, so cute =D

Miniture clay decos..
These are so cute man! They're like so intricately made.
See? Look at this dessert! WHy are miniture things are so cute omg XD
And this cake =D

And... I got an extra present too:
Omgomg so excited I love getting parcels in the mail.
She is such a nice seller =D

Do visit the site =p
Ok i'm off to decorate random stuff and camp my mailbox for my other parcels


Thrila said...

ooo were those the nails that were only $5? I almost got them :D

fussybytch said...

haha yeh
i wanted to just try them out at first and they are AWESOME!