Monday, January 25, 2010

I like pretty things . . .

Woah... I didn't even realize I hadn't updated in sooo long.

Keep meaning to update but blogger is sooo annoying in uploading pictures and stuff I just couldn't be bothered.

Anyways, lots of pics and not much writing :)

Just some of the things I've aquired during this long absence...

Today I opened my mail and received my package from !!!!

2 pairs of circle lens and a bubbly frog lens case ^.^

Sooo cute.

Tried to take a picture of the colors but as usual my camera fails :(

I got a green and grey pair.

Will definitely post up pics once I get around to wearing them.

Now onto the other stuff...

Anna Sui style make up pad holder from Korean grocery store. So pretty next to my make up ~~

Nautical style dress.
SO cute xD

Shoes.. they don't photograph well. Much nicer in RL (real life).

Tinkerbell "Believe" Disney Couture necklace. Been lemming for one for ages (was gonna get the Snow White "fairest of them all" necklace but I decided that it would look a bit *cough* up myself to wear it around :P).

Tiffany ring *sigh* at fail camera again >.<

and... I saved the best for last...


I have wanted this bag since I was 15 years old !!!

And no, this is not a fake -__-

Audrey Hepburn rocked it as part of her signature look and it's a damn classic.

Omg i love love love love loveee it.

Can't wait to see how she patinas ^_^

This barely covers half the stuff I have bought in this time but time is money and I am lazy so these are just the ones I could be fucked taking photos of.

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Rena said...

ooh-la-la! i want an LV bag too! i've been looking for one similar to that one! i think it might be a while before i actually can get it...LOL

anyway, love your haul! 8]

<33 rena