Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random thoughts while waiting for my food

Omg Safeway selling bonsai plants!

How cute!! A mini forest in ur house :p if u got the time....

I am currently obsessed with this iPhone app:

Color cam!


It's basically a color filter so u can take those artsy sort of shots that are all black n white except for one colored thing.


So purple... Pretty ^^


Harvey Norman currently has a sale on all digital cameras. Buy one get one one free

Bought 2 canon ixus 220 hs cameras for $239!! It is so tiny!! Love it. Takes pretty good pics too. My old fujifilm one was sooo shit and broke after 1 year :( target also lost my receipt for it. Fuck fujifilm >=[

Anyways what a random shit post. Off to eat oysters now, ciao~!

Ps. The hearts on my Tiffany ring seem to be getting out of shape now :(

- Live life! If u like it buy it. If the shoe fits wear it. If u feel like it do it! -

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