Friday, March 20, 2009

Broke but happy

Gah~~I am so damn broke!!!

Been buying and buying and buying without being sustainable coz I don't get any damn shifts at work.

The manager is a @#%@#%@#$. She doesn't do her job properly, favors people, bullies people.. generally makes an already crap place to work even worse!

Basically, it's suck up or get treated like shit.

One guy does absolutely NOTHING. When it's busy and there is a lot of work to do he basically just stand's around and SCRATCHES HIS ARMS.. and she doesn't do SHIT coz he sucks up like no tomorrow.

Everyone fucking hates him. His whole shift he stands around and shuffles papers and tidies the pens. And when the manager walks past, does she tell him off? Nope. Starts having private conversations. Oh. My. God. Seriously?

Another guy gets treated SO BADLY. She basically gives him the BARE MINIMUM shifts to work (3 hours every 2 months) and then after he is rostered for that shift she will call someone else to replace him, then move him to another shift. How fucking pissed would you be!! Even when there are shifts available she will purposely tell us "DON'T CALL HIM".

And worst of all, the "union" that is supposed to be 'fighting for workers rights' doesn't do jack shit. He calls them up to complain, and they are like "oh you have to be a member for us to do anything and joining right now won't help because we only deal with issues that happen AFTER you join."

Fucking asshole union. The union is supposed to stand for a cause right? To uphold workers rights, make sure they get a fair go. But no, they only care if you pay them the stupid membership fee. FUcken assholes. Since when were unions supposed to be so commercialised.

I've been trying to quit the union for 3 months.

Went to their website. They ONLY go on and on about how good it is to join, be part of something big etc etc. NOTHING about how to leave.

So I call them up. The woman that picks up the phone says in the bitchiest voice: "Is there any particular reason you want to leave?"

"I don't think the union is actually doing what it's supposed to stand for and I don't want to be a part of it anymore."

"Well you can't jsut leave just like that. You need to send us an email and we will send you a letter back. You then take this letter to your employer so they can stop your payments."

So I do just that. Sent an e-mail straight away stating name, membership number and intention to leave.

A month goes by....

I send another mail.

Another month goes by...


How long does it take to read one e-mail.

So I went into work to ask them to just terminate the payment. They can't. I'm told to send a letter by snail mail. This was a month ago...

Still waiting...GRRRR

Anyways onto my purchases =D
Longchamp Les Pliage Tote in Medium Black. $189.

I've ALWAYS wanted one of these!! It's like so damn good and convenient. Fit's everything. I love the simple style of it, matches everything. Perfect size too.

I was browsing around their website and saw this:

A BACKPACK style of this line. Isn't it the most disgusting thing you've ever seen??! Oh my god!! Who the hell would wear it... Oh my god.. a BACKPACK what were they thinking =\

I also got this MIMCO wallet:

Comes in pink as wellWasn't actually a huge fan of it when I saw it, mainly due to the tassle thing.

But now I'm super in love with it. The style is so unique and I took the tassle thingy off.

It's got a nice interior as well. Selling at DJs for like$169 but the Mimco outlet had it for $99.95. Then I got a further 20% off coz they are having a sale!! All up $79.95. Bargain!!!

I heart Mimco.

Here's another pic of it without the tassle

Which brings me to my next purchase....

MSI Wind U100 mini netbook!!!!


It's like perfect for uni. Perfect size, weight, and functions. Not as small as the tiny tiny eepcs and looks a whole lot better (in my opinion). I love love love it so much. xD

Performance is surprisingly good for something so compact.

Comes in 3 colors: white, black and pink.

Although the white one looks the best, I picked black coz it wouldn't get so dirty after a while. =p

Pink was never an option coz I never buy feminine gadets!! Which is why my Ipod is blue and my NDS is white.

Hmmm.... anyways I leave you with a random pic of a huge ice cream we ate in the city. Doesn't look too nice but tasted awesome.

Green tea flavor is the bestttt


HimeHood said...

agreed! green tea is yummy! you deserved to treat yourself after all the trouble you go through at work!

Adison said...

Maybe they just dont want to read your emails ?

gia said...

I agree with the MSI wind (i am bias coz I own one in pink!) My laptop was bought and I got an upgrade for free :p