Saturday, May 18, 2013


OMG almost another 6 months since I wrote anything in here!!

soo many things have happened~ probably will never get around to writing about everything~~ anyways it's probably boring stuff only I care about pffft~

hmm lets see.. i got engaged, went to Taiwan, got my first (but definitely not last) brand spanking new CHANEL JUMBO.. yada yada yada..snore snore snore

Let's have a look at what a wore today :D

 Bart Simpon knit!
omfg can't describe in words how obsessed I am with this..

Ever since I saw Chiara Ferragni wear one on instagram been lusting after it..

Found it in one of the most unlikely places.. in the markets of Taiwan

I think it was some ridiculously cheap price like $15 AUD or something.. was a MUST HAVE

Paired this with black Zara leggings and another MUST have bought in Taiwan

Zara studded wedge sneakers
omfg.. I can't even...!!!

Market shopping was pretty much done every night in our Taiwan trip (even though our legs and feet were so tired and aching from sightseeing etc during the day) we still managed to trudge around the Taiwan markets eating delicious food and buying ridiculously cheap questionable quality clothing.

Life is hard ain't it..

Anyways, back to my sneakers.. 

They weren't exactly cheap, at about 4k TWD a pop, but I was in love, and not about to leave without getting my grubby paws on them..

The verdict: completely worth it

Everything about them is love~~~ the chunky opening, the studs, the hidden wedge omfgasmmmm~~~~ i love things things and more things wahahah

Taiwan is definitely on my must go to again list~

The food is yum
The food is cheap
The girls are cute (but imo I am prettier... ahhaahhaha jk....)
The clothes are cheap
Clothing shops open past midnight on weekdays!!!!
The people are super nice!

I could go on and on~~ 

This is me one hour ago cutting my bf's hair

I didn't wanna get spiky little bits of hair on my clothes so we fashioned a 'hairdressers cape' out of this Djs suit storage thing... ahahhahaha

I'm sooo glamorous

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Adele said...

I also have a Chanel jumbo double flap - they are the best bags!!
Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo