Thursday, December 11, 2008

People need to wake up :(

Example One

Girl meets boy, boy likes girl, boy chases girl, girl refuses but eventually yields under his persistence and persuasive powers.


She thinks back to how good and sweet the guy was while he was chasing her and somehow OKs all the SHIT he puts her through. Meanwhile, on the side her friends are hopping around like grasshoppers in frustration as she just doesn't listen to REASON which they try to install (<- can't remember the right word) into her thick head.

Boy has questionable contact with his ex (going to her place for hours and hours thus being late for plans with Girl). Girl is upset about this.. But is TOO SCARED to tell Boy to stop as he will just throw a temper tantrum with her. However, when Girl talks to another guy Boy will be furious.

The guy literally changes overnight. Talks down to her, short temper etc. and him AND HIS FAMILY literally sucks her finances dry. In the whole time they dated, she worked FULL TIME and by the end of the relationship she had NO savings. at all. zilch. Not to mention the emotional trauma she had to go thru. In tears all the time and wondering "i dont know why he doesn't care!!"

The girl is ussually fiesty and you never have to worry about someone wronging her as she will always stand up for herself when she is out in public. However.. to every single one of the boys many and unreasonable demands she will meekly obey.

One of the many things she was put thru: Family invites her out for yum cha. Eat eat eat. Bill comes. Boy says: "oh by the way you have to pay."

and it gradually gets worse. Following that, the same scene ensues, however family decides it's very appopriate to invite friends and other relatives to enjoy the lovely meal as well. And guess who had to foot the lovely bill?

After this relationship ends (thank god) it was found out that the Boy was flirting around with other girls the whole time, Girl had no money in her pocket at all and Boy still owed her money. (Which he tried to pay back by hiding a 5 dollar note in a stack of 50s).

.. and it doesn't end here. You would have thought that after this relationship Girl would come out a better smarter person. But NO. She dates another guy who is EXACTLY like this one.. but worse. Despite countless warnings, AND while the relationship was not stable girl went to the bank and took out a loan with EIGHTEEN PER CENT interest and gave all the money to the guy. And she didn't even know what he was going to use the loan for! Nope!!! She was "too scared" to ask!

Despite giving him the loan money, the guy always had 'no money' for anything... and Girl basically gave him her bank card which he used to go out drinking with friends, buy DVDs for his ex and all the nice things in life etc...

Meanwhile, Girl had no money.. had to resort to eatting RICE AND BOILED SWEET POTATOs for lunch at work. One time she had no money to buy a tram ticket even. Asked the guy to BORROW 50 bucks... Guy: "I don't have 50 bux to spare"

One particular incident shows the sheer selfishness of the guy.

Girl is at home sleeping on a rare day off and guy is in the city doing god knows what.
He calls her up: "hey i need to park in the city but I have no change on me, can you come and gimme some."

So girl actually crawls out of bed, gets ready really quickly (in case he gets pissed she is taking too long) and takes the tram to the city.. TO GIVE HIM PARKING CHANGE.

She calls him up: "Hey I'm almost at the city now."
Guy: "Don't call me until you're HERE."

Example Two

Girl really loves Boy. Girl KNOWS boy is not a good person (will fuck anything that moves). Whenever Girl is overseas or not around, Boy will literally flirt with every normal and above girl he meets (and this includes Girl's friends and good friends). The guy is so fucken open about it it's not funny.

There could be a whole room full of people that knows about GIrl and Boys relationship yet Boy will still walk around asking girls for kisses etc. He also has a vile mouth. In one particular incident a girl was wearing a low cut top while playing drinking games with him. Boy says: "hey if you pull that top a bit lower i'll let u win this round for sure." WHO THE FUCK says shit like that ?!?!?! To a girl that is familiar with his GF too!!

Boy is always fucking around behind Girls back as she is often overseas.

Anyways, Boy is physically abusive with Girl too. When the mood strikes his fancy he will pin her down on the bed and slap her face repeatedly. She hides at home for days after these incidents so as to hide her swollen face.

Now, insert Girl's "good friend". All being roommates, Girl will go to this 'good friend' whenever she has troubles with Boy, and 'good friend' will comfort her. 'Good friend' also has a boyfriend of her own. However, 'good friend' has always had a thing for Boy and has fucked around with him while Girl was previously overseas. Recently, after a particularly bad argument 'good friend' managed to convince Girl to go back overseas away from Boy for some time apart.

After GIrl went back overseas, 'good friend' sleeps with Boy every night. Boy continually tries to pick up every time he goes out.

After finding out that 'good friend' has betrayed her, Girl not only accepts it, but is so generous as to think for Boy. "He has his needs and if i'm not there to give them to him then just let him do that if she ('good friend') wants to be so cheap. In the end they will have no chance as he wil be coming bak overseas to me soon anyway.". And just like that, Girl accepts it.

Example Three

Boy is an extreme jealous freak. It doesn't show that much after first getting together, but bit by bit Girl is seperated and isolated from all friends.

It starts off with the guilt (haha i typed guild) trips.
"Awww baby but i wanna see you can't you go out with your friends another time?"

Then moves on to the constant monitering.
While Girl is out with friends.
Boy calls: "Where are you? Who with? When are you going to be home? Don't go home too late."

The 'it's for your own good' spiel.
"He's such a player I don't want you to hang around people like that."
"Don't be too close to her shes a slut I don't want you to lower ur image by always being with her."

Continual guilt trips.
"Oh so you'll choose to go out with THEM over ME. So you wanna see THEM instead of ME. I thought I came first? Why aren't I coming first ?!?!"

Reminders of how 'lucky' you are.
"I have to do everything for you. You can't do anything by urself. You are nothing without me."
"I do all this because i CARE about you."

Put downs masked as love and care.
On a random day in the city, Girl sees acquaintance and waves and smiles at him.
Boy: "Why did you give such a SLUTTY smile to him. Are you that happy to see him? Why do you have to so actively say hi to him? Just say hi if he sees you and says it."

Warped logic.

Basically, in the end Girl was isolated into a loser. Was distanced from many good friends. Was thought of as 'cold' when meeting new people as her behaviour was shaped like this by Boy. All because she didn't stop it at the start when it began to happen as she thought "he does this coz he cares". Argh!

See the pattern? These stories (all true) are so damn frustrating!! People will accept behaviour and things they would normally never accept when they are so blinded by people that are obviously no good for them at all.

The majority of the time things DON'T change for the better and they don't realize that the more they let the person act like this the more it will happen.

In my opinion, once someone starts treating and talking to you like shit, and they get what they want from treating you that way. Why would they go bak to being nice? Everyone is selfish in some way, and will always ask for more more more. As much as someone may hope it would happen, people are not gonna just suddenly wake up and go "oh wow i'm treating this person like shit maybe i should stop". They KNOW they are treating you crappy. But why stop when they are being rewarded for this bad behaviour? hmmmm?!


Adison said...

Can you read all that out for me ? takes too long to read.

Anonymous said...

not all guys like that.
all of ur example that you gave seem an epitome of soap-opera.

Anonymous said...

@ Adison
Just put it through that thing on you comp. You know. The thing that dumb fucks that can't read use.

I like your examples.
They're honest.
Atleast you've got the guts to post it.