Sunday, December 14, 2008


I'm so happy!! Was browsing through a random shop and i found these babies.
Shiny glittery false lashes! Perfect for going out/clubbing!
And they were only 2 bux~~ omg... I feel like i'm in asia again

So so happy =D

They too fakeish for everyday wear.. Gonan wear them next time I go out man =D

I can't live without false eyelashes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knew that some crappy little hairs on ur eyelid (ewww that sounds so gross) could be so aesthetically important?

There's nothing like a pair of long luscious lashes to complete any look.

I've tried so many eyelash enhancing thingys ~~ mascara, eyelash extensions, stupid make-your-lashes-grow-longer theories (still questionable if they work btw) and I've come to the conclusion that nothing can beat fake eyelashes.

They own the ever so popular mascara in so many ways:

- won't smudge!!! (after a night out i used to come home with panda eyes.. but with fake lashes that's no more)
- stays curled (after curling my damn straight lashes and putting on coats and coats of mascara the lashes will straigthen themselves out after a while.. fucken gay)
- no clumps (pretty self explanatory)
- no ARSENIC !!! (did you know mascara contains arsenic as an ingredient!)
- easy to remove (just peel off)
- hides dodgy eyeliner jobs (i dunno how but it just does)

See the difference ~~ its something you can never achieve with mascara ~~~ and after my own traumatic experience I recommend people to NEVER EVER get eyelash extensions (long story).....
MmmmmmMmm.. and they so easy to apply if you set your mind on learning the proper way.
It's not hard at all dammit you lazy people...

ANYWAYS my point was i got some nice lashes wheeeeeee....



Adison said...

Why does the 3rd Photo make your eyes look like you've just been on a rampage through a chicken farm.

lucy said...

... wut does that even mean ??

Crystal said...

wow they're sexy!

Anonymous said...


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