Thursday, December 25, 2008

Clubbing @ 7

Went to Seven last Friday after a long long long clubbing drought. I swear, there's like NO good clubs in Melbourne anymore =.=
Wore these shoes:
that Dirk is holding like a phone (??) coz I had to take them off coz they were KILLING ME. One of those stupid things where u KNOW u'll end up with blisters all over your foot but u can't resist coz it's such a cute shoe! Dammit.
Another picture of my lovely shoes.

Hmm.. my shoes aren't very photogenic, just like me :( (They look better in real life.. i swear..)

I saw them in the shop window and fell in love straight away. HAD to have them... even tho they were ridiculously overpriced for the comfort and quality.

It was just one of those things ....

Also wore my VITA bracelet

in peacock (shown here in white) which is actually a bit too big for my tiny wrist but it was ALSO one of those things I had to have. =D

There's a lot of things I have to have. xD

Anyways, random pics thoughout the night.

Tina looking hot.

Red faced asians.

Juicy bag thingy. (Too bad it's fake) and Eric off his head.

I'm wearing my bling bling lashes which I've blogged about before(finally got to wear them!!). Can kinda see them here...
Eric is fuckeddddd...
Hmm.. the night was pretty good, altho some fucken people did dampen our spirits.. But won't dwell on that since after thinking it thru, petty selfish fucks can just be treated like charity cases.
(Like letting the fat retarded kid eat his own shit coz he enjoys the taste and doesn't know any better) ---> don't think that makes sense but ohhh well...
Went to Forever New and got these 2 tops and a dress.

Retail therapy is great <3

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