Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Online shopping

Getting back into the swing of things with a spot of online shopping...

What I got:

Eyelashes T
Floral dress
This top thingy (two layered so you can wear the top layer over a bikini at the beach :P)
Dress with lace side (comes in white too)
I read reviews about the website and they were VERY mixed.. so *crosses fingers*

Currently still lusting after an Eva clutch which is my absolute HG of small handbags.
With the price decrease at LV maybe it's time to buy? ^^

The definition of perfection:

omfg I went to my old high school today to hand in the enrollment forms for my brother coz he's going there next year. I swear, schools have turned into the biggest money grabbing whores now. They have a building appeal "donation" fund but it's not really 'donation' at all. Basically they send you INVOICES each year to pretty much force you to pay up. Back when I went there each year they would send you a YEARLY invoice telling you a specific amount they wanted you to pay as a 'donation'.

Now they have a PLAQUE at the school, ranking families into GOLD SILVER AND BRONZE donors. WTF!!!

ANyways.... I WANT THIS!!
But its out of stock :(
She is so cute :D

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