Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year ~~!

A bit late for this but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~!!
Hope the alchohol wasn't abused tooo much...and everyone didn't end up waking up like this yesterday:

*cough cough* Rob *cough cough*

hahaha.. epic pictureeee

Anyways.. the Melbourne fireworks on NYE was pretty disapointing. They banged on for like 10 measly min and then it was over. We stood in like the middle of that place outside Flinders St station for a while and then started to wander off and...


It's SO FUCKEN crowded yet assholes still try to PUSH and SHOVE their fucken way thru. FUCK!!!! I hope their genitals rot and fall off!! YES i'm talking about u u fucken pale faced ugly tall guy with disgustingly styled wavy brown hair and fucken ugly disgusting top with ur retarded short pale friend who kept PUSHING and SHOVING even tho there was obviously NO FUCKEN SPACE to move. *mentally sends curses thru the air to him wherever the fuck he lives*. FUCKEN DICKHEAD!!!

Grr..I really hate inconsiderate assholes...

Once I was walking with my friend in the city arm in arm. And some BITCH just shoves her fucken self right in between us and walks right thru EVEN THO there was like PLENTY of space right around. Being young and stupid.. the only thing I could think of to say was "excuuuse me."

And then the BITCH turns around and yells at me maniacally "EXCUSE YOURSELF!!!!" and storms off.

OMG!! When i think about it i still feel so pissed coz I didn't yell something back at her!! Even tho it was like 5 - 6 years ago. DAMN!!

I also hate people who are walking towards u and when u guys kinda collide they just stand there and expect u to move for them.

When I was in China I was crossing one main road. Now in the middle of the road there are these 'channel' thingies . On the other side of the road this pompeous asshole loser was riding a fucken scooter. See pic below.
Lovely purple circle represents myself.

Random fugly shape in fugly color represents scooter riding asshole.

The green stuff is like.. plants n shit in teh middle of the road that u can't walk thru and the thick grey bars are these metals things that seperates the middle of the road into 5 'channels'. So I'm walking my dainty self along.. minding my own business and have almost come out of the "channel" (its really not a channel its like about .. 2 steps) when the fucken idiot decides he wants to cross the road by going thru the channel that i had ALMOST WALKED THRU. So basically he comes right up to the end of where the arrow is and blocks the two of us. I cant walk out and he can't ride thru coz he is IN THE FUCKING WAY.

It was a stalemate for like 5 whole seconds. He could have EASILY swerved around to go thru the channel next to this one. But NO. The FUCKING FUCKER just WAITED there for ME to REVERSE my footsteps to let HIM pass. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKING FUCK.

Well of course I wasn't gonan move for him so easily! So we kinda stood there and sized each other up for a bit (him with his shifty dodgy looking eyes).

But obivoulsy i wasn't intimidating enuff.. coz THEN.. get this. the fucker had the nerve to rev his scooter up and BEEP AT ME.


omg..asshole to the fucking max!

In the end i DID move for him tho ...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...
coz i was walking on the street alone.. in china.. and my chinese isn't exactly great.. so didn't wanan cause trouble :(
aiyor... poor me ............


Anyways... check out what I bought on a random wander thru work~~

(I love stupid stuff like this =D =D =D)

Basically u rip half his head off.. shove the poo colored jellybeans thru his neck, then when u press down on him the jellybeans come out thru his ahem behind. It's soooo cuteeee.... been eatting jellybeans non stoppp hehehehe !!

Must remember to take a pic of the jellybean coming out~~~!

OMG.. i just found u can get other animals as well.... hahaha!!


OMg!!! I'm too easily entertained....

I love stupid stuff liek this heeeheeeheee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyways.. on a completely unrelated note... Man.. I NEVER know the difference between 12AM and 12PM. So annoying. Is midnight considered night or day ?? I know noon is daytime right? And AM is daytime right? But then why is midnight AM?? Damn!!! So confusing...

I don't think I sound very intelligent on my blog :(

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