Friday, February 29, 2008

Stupid story i wrote ages ago

Two blood elves, Luciness and Eileen were bored. There was nothing to do but to lie on the grass in Barens and suntan.

They decided to go on a holiday. SO they packed their traveller's backpacks and set off one night.

They went to visit many famous landmarks.

They went skinny dipping.

..and fishing...

But at the end of the day, they were both still bored and lonely.

Until one day at their holiday inn, they met two sexy night elves.

hunter and druid

Despite their differences, they both began 'dating the enemy'.

..and sleeping with them..


Everything was going great, until one day something scandolous happened.

Druid and Eileen had fallen from grace.

Hunter and Luciness were deeply upset and secretly came up with a plan together.

She began flirting with druid's ugly mage friend.

While hunter impressed Eileen with his big weapons.

It worked like a charm. Eileen and Druid both came crawling back.

Things continued on fine, until Druid and HUnter were called off to Ironforge on urgent business.

Luciness and Eileen awaited their return.

Eileen fell deeply ill from misery.



David said...

lol~ must be bored...were those alliance raiding barrens or something? haha..

Anonymous said...

lol yeh ... when i was little baby leveling up

Anonymous said...