Monday, February 18, 2008

Shittest song ever

I don't know what the name of this song is called.. but part of the lyrics goes something like this

"Loving you.. is easy coz you're beautiful"


What the fuck kind of lyrics are those man?!?!

and goddamn so many ppl like this damn song .. 'it's so sweet' they say.. omg.. ARGH... read the damn lyrics.. i love you BECAUSE you are hot.. NOT because you're a nice person blah blah blah.. but coz of your looks... its damn superficial ok!!

So what happens once I get old and 'not so beautiful'.. you won't love me right.

The lyrics are jsut so WRONG.. GRRR

It's terrible... jsut terrible..

Imagine a guy tries to serenade you.. looks into ur your eyes, singing : "loving youuu... is easy coz you're beauuutiifulll'


*guy falls over clutching his bleeding nose, whimpering*

Seriously.. those lyrics are like fingernails on a chalkboard... argh


vampirehunterd220385 said...

Have you ever stopped to consider that the lyrics is not mentioning about physical beauty but rather the so called self-conceited notion of "inner beauty"?

Not everything in music can be defined on surface value of the song lyrics itself, anyone can interpret art to whatever their muddled mind will conjure up, it's all in perspective.

David said...

You are beautiful because I love you, not I love you because you are beautiful.
Anyway...what would u prefer? Beautiful, Sexy, or Cute? My friend used to always ask me that question...and i didn't know what to say.

hungry wolf said...

I LOVE ALLL WOMEN (that are hot)