Monday, February 18, 2008

Cleaner for a day

Today I finally *attempted to* cleaned my room...

Knowing me, I had to pick the 34 degree day to undertake such a vigorous task.. damn smart right... to do a task I hate doing in the most horrible conditions possible ... by the end I was hot and tired and PISSED OFF and my room still wasn't half clean yet... >.>

Anyways, it always feels like no matter how much i clean clean clean... my room will never achieve the simplistic super neat look that I really love.. and today I realised why.....

I am a damn hoarder >.> Q.Q

.. a bad bad bad hoarder.. even if I haven't used something for 5 years when it comes to the crunch.. i just refuse to bin it.. whether it holds sentimental memories.. or i tell myself "one day i might need it!!" It's just very very hard to part with it forever.. haha...

Here are some of the (limited number of) things that I finally took up the courage to condemn to the green wheelie bin:

This first item is really quite shocking =.=










An F4 fans puzzle!!!!!
800 pieces!!
This is from like... 7 - 8 years ago.. hahaha~
Oh, and i've never finished it... only completed part of the bottom and a bit of Vanesse's arm (yes yes i know im sad coz i still remember his name =.=)

oh the shame .....

Stupid hair braiding thing that doesn't even work. It painfully rips out your hair every time u attempt to use it. The RRP is like 29.95 but I got it at priceline for 3 bux... one of those 'you get what u pay for' items =.=


And now... onto the list of things I should throw away but didn't =.= *this list is much longer* *sigh*:

Simpsons figurines...

Note the copious amounts of junk in the background =.=

Teenibopper caps *what the hell was i thinking*

My first 56k modem!!!! Still in its original box!!!

Maybe it will come in handy one day =\

Haha.. theres plenty of other things i couldn't be bothered to take pics of coz i'm too hot and bothered =.= ... size 6 skirt i'll never be able to fit into again.. horrible shoes i bought on a whim *loads of them*... hello kitty earmuffs....

aii... camwhore time!!


Anonymous said...

So you chose to clean your room while I chose to gym on this stinking hot day...great! Well tomorrow is the same weather lets find something stupid to do on a hot day again! I came back all smelly and shit...haha! so my 'friend' calls me out for dinner at 11pm(or supper rather) I thought why not...haven't seen her for 1/2yr or so...anyway I arrive in front of her house and at felt fine...everything was normal and we seemed like normal old friends...but later on...memories began to return...eating late supper @ shopping @ coles express...all this ordinary stuff but yet gives me a special feeling...argh! Maybe it was a bad idea...anyway a group of friends are going to ktv this Saturday...she'll be there...she said "my bf is also coming, is that ok with you?" sigh...

Eolande said...

Good words.