Thursday, February 21, 2008

guys... CUT YOUR NAILS!!

Having just started a retail position not long ago, and also having worked at my parents shop in the ct for quite a while.. i've become more and more disgusted with the horribly gross trend for guys, mostly asian fobs .. thought u do get other ethnicities (is that a word o.O) to leave their pinky nails super long...


am i making myself clear... it is .. GROOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

ME: that will be 2 dollars please

*guy digs thru wallet, i notice his long dirty (sometimes yellow) pinky nail rummaging around too. i restrain myself from throwing up all over his dirty hands.. and fight the urge to rip the offending nail off/chop his hand off*

eww fucking ewwww

*hands coin to me*

ME: thank you have a nice day

*RUNNNNS to slather my hands in antibacterial hand wash*

I cannot even begin to describe what an utterly revolting sight this is, and it is made ten times worse for me, as i actually have take and receive change from the disgusiting claw.

It's UGLY and it's DIRTY(don't know why people would wanna so lovingly grow their own private little haven for bacteria.. and 'oh they must have forgotten to cut their nails' is no excuse, as all the other nails are trimmed nicely.. =.= ... maybe their mothers didn't let them have a pet when they were younger >.>)

aii... please cut ur nails people >.> ... long pinky nails are YUCK and SOOO NOT SEXY...


JJ said...

I have a uncle who has long nail and he said its very useful for picking stuff out of your ears, and that you will understand when you get older. Btw this blog should be called various rants about things that i hate although i totally agree with the things that you hate, so maybe call it various rants about things that people hate...

David said...

have u seen Guinness records of longest nails? actually this guy grew all five nails...they were so freakn long they started curling for like hundreds of hoops =_= and he claims to "bathe" his precious nails every night for "hygiene" LOL! anyway, long nails...pinky or whatever...are disgusting (for guys) :O