Saturday, February 16, 2008

Biggest peeve at work

"NO PARKING CHANGE"'s written THREE times around the shop i worked at.. yet STILL people come in and ask for... u guessed it .. PARKING CHANGE!

So, these blind people come in.. and then have the nerve to get pissed off at ME for not giving it to them. Fucking come on. This is not some fucken free coin exchange service ok. I NEED the coins to give change to my CUSTOMERS who ussually pay with 50s and 20s. I'm ALWAYS running out of coins. So you tell me why the fuck i should just open a store there, just to give out this change to u - some fag who has never shopped here before and will never come again. Whenever I run out of change I have to go all the way to the bank and lug a whole bag full of coins back. Fucken heavy ok.

If it's a regular customer.. ok give them change no problem. If you're some frkn random that's never been here.. and will never come here again. Why the FUCK should I give it to u. I don't owe u jack shit... Some ppl are nice.. after i tell them this they will buy something and then yes, I will happily give the change to them. And then there are the people who get smart with me...

OLD MAN: can i get coins for parking

ME *points at sign* : sorry we don't give parking change

OLD MAN *waves his hands rudely in my face* : you SHOULD give it out

ME : i'm sorry this is our policy. coins are fucken heavy to lug back from the bank you know, its not a goddamn free coin exchange service i have here. (of coz i didn't actually say these exact works.. since i'm sooo polite)

OLD MAN *self righteously* : this is bad for humanity!! you are bad for humanity!!

ME: wtf =.=

SMARTASS BUSINESS MAN (the type to loudly talk on the tram on their mobiles about their self important rubbish) *shoves note in my face* : i need coins for parking

ME: sorry we don't give parking change


ME *yawns* : coz this is our policy, if you buy something small i will give u change gladly

SMARTASS BUSINESS MAN *all threatening* : well i'll just write a letter to john so then!!

ME *yawns




Secondly, this is a small convenience store. If your cheap ass wants the lowest price possible then DON'T FUCKING COME IN MY SHOP. if you want a bargain go to safeway at QV. Don't fucken come in , and then when i tell you the price look at me as if I'm trying to rob you of your grandkid's tuition fees. I DON'T FUCKEN CARE HOW MUCH THINGS COST IN THE SUPERMARKET. IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE SHIT THEN GET THE FUCK OUT.

"This is only 90 cents at safeway."

GREAT. THEN FUCKING GO TO SAFEWAY. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK HOW MUCH IT IS THERE. I REPEAT, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK HOW MUCH THINGS ARE AT SAFEWAY!!!! I'm not gonna lower the price for you just coz you show me your great bargain finding skills. Frkn idiots.






People can be so annoying =P


Jack said...

wow... bad day at work huh? but then i can sympathise with what you mean. some of the most annoying customers are the ones that are like: "ZOMG YOU ARE SELLING THIS FOR (insert price) but its (insert cheaper price) across the road". on a nice day id just pooint out the differences. on a bad day id be like.... yeah ok since your not walkign across the road i take it you just like to complain?

worlds full of idiots.

David said...

Have u seen the south park episode "Night of the Living Homeless" season 11? It's just about what ur talking about kinda...haha ppl asking for change! :D should watch it...its hilarious >< "change please...changeeeeeeeeeeeee"

vampirehunterd220385 said...

Haha, write a letter to John So? What good would that do? I don't think he has that much time to sort out a little problem of poo change