Friday, February 27, 2009

My new bag =D

Don't you hate it when you see something you like, however decide to defer the purchase of it for a few hours so you can 'shop around' and see what else is out there.

Then when you realise nothing else can compare you come back to realise some FAGGOT has bought it.

It just makes you wanna punch yourself.. especially when you see said product dangling on the arm of the less deserving bitch who sneakily claimed victory by stealing what is yours..

And u feel sad and depressed coz you walked around all day looking around

You're feet are sore, legs are tired, and you have NOTHING TO SHOW for it.

You realize you'll never find another product that is quite the perfect shape, size, color etc.

You want to kick yourself but you're too tired to even lift your legs.

So you go home that day and mourn your loss for a few weeks while cursing the bitch to damnation.

And then one bright sunny day you are out shopping again and your prayers are answered.

The shop r e s t o c k e d.

My new bag.

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