Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I wish there were more occassions in Australia where you can get dressed up in stupid costumes ~ like Halloween in America.

Seems the only time you can do that here is if someone holds a fancy dress party, and even then some people rock up in casual =p

The last time I "dressed up" for anything was I think on year 12 dress up day (sooo long ago) where we decided to go with the theme of 'beauty pagent contestents'.

And we didn't even get that dressy... it was basically jeans, heels, top, crown and a sash.

Hehe guess which one i am hehehe..

And a time I "dressed up" before that was to some fairy themed party when I was a little kid.


That's why I'm SO DAMN EXCITED Susie and Jessica are gonna hold a dress up party thingy sometime around Feb - Mar. FINALLY!!! I get to jump into some other characters clothes for a day ^^

The topic for girls is free.. so anything we want and to force the guys to acutally dress up a *zzz* mafia *zzz* topic was imposed (but then again who the hell cares what guys wear anyway).

We picked our outfits already xD.

Bought them from some chinese lingerie website. I think they're actually supposed to be some kind of role playing outfits (the way they were modeled certainly seemed that way) but they are really damn cute and the prices were too awesome to miss.

Here are some of the ones i liked:

Cute Maid (Lolitta-ish)

Sexy Maid

Airline Hostess

Japanese School Uniform (cute!!!!)

Cute sailor girl

I think this one is a teacher
The gloves are super sexy but it's a but too much

Red sailor
(Dont know why but the model of this one pisses me off)

Cute nurse

Police woman *reow*

It was SOOOOO hard to choose.. but I did decide on one in the end =D

Not gonna say which one tho muahahha...

I might post pics up of the party later, depending on how things go.. hehe

Omg can't wait..

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adisonlu said...

... I wonder what kinder party it is... smells like a swinger's party/.