Monday, February 9, 2009

Socks shoes and hair

I'm not into extreme fobby fashion at all (think: green and white striped jacket + hot pink top with engrish and random 'cute print' + checkered black and grey skirt + black and grey striped stockings + high top white canvas shoes with polka dot lining) and yes, i did actually see this outfit on a poor deluded individual.

However, there are some elements I do like, this being one of them:

Black knee socks! Imo, it's damn cute and makes your legs look skinny and long even when they aren't. For some weird reason my left leg is fatter than my right leg so one sock is higher than the other.

I bought these socks at some fobby Korean sock shop in the city. It's a whole shop dedicated to selling socks and caps. I really don't know how they can make a profit off it but the shop has been there for years.

They're actually for part of my outfit for the dress up party in March :) and not for normal wear - although I'm really tempted now to wear them casually (but I don't wanna get weird stares from strangers who think I'm a fashion disaster =\).

My feet next to Paris Hilton's face.

I was digging thru my shoe graveyard in my closet and I found these!

Totally forgot I had them. Pink Nikes.

Pretty cute right? Take a closer look.

They cost me 15AUD.

I was in China and I needed a pair of sneakers for one day. The problem was I never wear running shoes and didn't own a single pair. It would be stupid to pay 200 bux for something I'm gonan wear once. So I paid 90 bucks. 90 bucks chinese money.

If you look closely you can see the dodgy parts about it.

For one, I don't even know if such a style exists in pink army print. The real deal also have more holes at the front of the shoe. This style of shoe does not have "AIR" in them, although my shoe has "AIR" printed on the side of the sole (hard to see in the pic). Through my observations, the tongue part of the shoe that says Nike should be a consistent color with the rest of the shoe, unlike mine which is blue.

However, I do think they were a great for one day wear.

This post is so totally random. In the spirit of randomness I will be random once more!

I finally kinda figured out a way to style my annoying hair. It's all in the art of blow drying. I kinda copied the way the hair dressers blow dry your hair by taking sections of it with a round bristle brush and drying them one by one. Here is the end result.

A definate improvement I think! =D

Next step is to learn how to curl my hair with the same round brush ^^

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