Monday, February 9, 2009

Work related stress

Can't stand people who suck up to get what they want. Can't stand that people who suck up to get what they want generally do get what they want.

Forget about doing a genuinely good job and your fair share of the work. Just suck up and work only while in the presence of a 'superior' and you will be fine.

Sugar coated words, fakey fake compliments, feigning being helpful and hardworking the 1% of time you are being watched and life will be a breeze.

The rest of the time you are unsupervised? Make personal phone calls. Run off and dump the work to others. You are not being watched so it doesn't matter coz SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU.

Well so what you say, if u can't beat em then join em? No fucking way. Suck up to someones ass and worship the ground they stand on? No thank you.

I know for a fact I'm definately not the most hard working person in the world. But I do my fair share of the work 90% of the time, not just in that supervised 5%.


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