Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Got my hair did

Hmm so I finally did something about my hair!

Even tho I'm feeling crap lately, it's better to feel crap with nice hair then to feel crap with crap hair right?


This is right after it was straightened. Did it at this korean hairdresser (I HEART KOREAN HAIRDRESSERS) and it was the "shiseido straightening."
Damage on wallet: $280
Was it worth it? Definately!!

I don't even have to blow dry and then straighten my hair now!!
It AIR DRIES like this naturally. Omggg, best 'investment' ever.
My hair is soft and silky now ^_^


Adison said...

Got my hair did ??? What kinder English is that ?

Adison said...

I forgot to add, thats such an sad face!! looks like you have just been "emofied"

Anonymous said...

You spelt definitely wrong...