Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If the shoe fits, wear it

Totally irrelevant title.. but I disgress!!

I was surfing the net looking at random things when I came across this picture of this chinese actress.

I always thought she was quite pretty. Having a very innocent and wide eye look. Imagine my shock when I saw this:

Before Make up.

Ahh.. the wonders of make up.

More pics:

Sounds scary right?? But hmm.. looking at this pic .. it seems almost worth it =p
Sexy eyes!!

And here is something else I found, Jolin Tsai before her apparent "natural" image change.
This is her when she was younger.

Note the big flat wide nose.

This is her in more recent pics.
Apparently her face naturally thinned out like that and her nose miraculously became smaller, taller and sharper without any surgical aid. Oh hoho I'm sure it did!!

Anyways, getting back to topic I put these shoes on hold today. 

My damn size 5 feet make it so hard to find shoes that FIT. 

So when I found these came in my size I HAD TO HAVE A PAIR!!

Wittner "Joker" $149.95

I love patent leather omgwtfbbq.

I used to have a pair of pointy red kitten heels from one of those cheap asian stores ("Duchess") but they broke after like 5 wears. 

Man.. never buy shoes from Duchess, they might look nice and be cheap but they are not worth it at all!!

I was so heartbroken, those shoes were damn nice!

The store didn't have any of my size in stock so they are ordering them in from elsewhere :)
SO happy ~~

I also tried these on. They were damn nice also, but the lace part seemed a bit hmm... dominatrix? So I wasn't too sure about them

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