Thursday, April 30, 2009

Juicy piggies and shoes

I picked up my new shoes =D
I must say Wittner ship their shoes from store to store damn fast. 
I ordered on Wed afternoon, they arrived by Friday.

My new babies
So damn comfy, and did I mention that LOVE PATENT LEATHER.
Seriously comfortable
They have heels yet don't kill your feet when u walk..

Speaking of shoes, check out my giant slipper:
hehe! It's a feet warmer I bought in china for 30 rmb.
That's like.. 5 bux Aus.

Taken out of the closet and ready for Winter.

Something else I bought in China:
Mobile holder that you can hang onto your bag!
50 rmb =p

I love shopping in China =p


On a side note, has anyone been reading in the papers how Richard Pratt's wife allowed his mistress to visit his deathbed? 

What a generous woman... if my husband was dying I wouldn't give his fucken mistress the time of the day. 

KNOWING that a guy is married, and then screwing around with him and having a child from it is just...immoral. And as for the bastard child... well she can blame her own gold-digging slut of a mother for the "unfairness" that she would encounter in her life coz her mom couldn't keep her panties on. 

Hmm. But then again it takes two to tango.

All I'm saying is his wife is indeed very generous as she has been described in the papers.

Grrr I hate gold diggers..


Thrila said...

I love that giant slipper. I wish my Nightmare before Christmas slippers were one huge one like that :D The heels are cute too, I need to start looking for some kitten heels soon.

HimeHood said...

I just bought a pair of Wittners too! I knew little about this label and didn't care much when I got it, but after wearing my shoes out they just feel so goooood!!!!!! So comfy! And they look hot!

I hope you enjoy your shoes as much as I do!!

Adison said...

question how do you walk with them they look like a one piece ???

Pop Champagne said...

oooh hot red heels! And those pig feet warmers look so comfy :)

Emz said...

So cuteee! that pigggy!! I love those heels too =)