Friday, April 17, 2009


Perhaps this is jsut a generalisation, but a LOT OF PEOPLE have had work done!!

I think I've become sort of an expert in spotting people with bad plastic surgery. Haha.

Bad nose jobs are pretty obvious, especially on asians. Check out this chick

The bridge of her nose reaches her forehead man!!

Even without the "before" pics u can tell.

Anyways, I've spotted quite a lot of women who i'm 90% sure have had nose jobs.

One customer at work had even scars on both sides of her nose. (She was a total bitch too =.=)

La la la


Thrila said...

i wonder if it really was a bad surgery though. this is just a random tidbit, but back in ancient Greece, it was thought to be gearing towards perfection when the bridge of the nose went straight to the forehead, that is why all the Greek statues have that kind of nose.

I mean, seeing it on a regular person than a chunk of marble does make it weird, but I wonder what was the surgeon's intention in doing so.

Thrila said...
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Adison said...

are u planing one too ?