Saturday, November 12, 2011

If the shoe fits, wear it!!

Finally it's the weekend! Time to get out of those boring drab work clothes.

Starting off with an OOTD...
Finally wearing my orange mini from temt and born again silver kookai necklace <3 excuse the peach :P

Top: Zara
Skirt: Temt
Necklace: Kookai
Bangle: Tiffany
Bracelet: Tiffany

I really hate my hair these days. Its getting to the stage where I need to get it chemically straightened again. It's got this weird kink in it that is so annoying.

Plus I have sooo much and it's soo thick that cutting it short is out of the question. BUT not cutting it short means that getting it salon straightened will cost a FORTUNE.

At the moment I think my hair is about half my body length. What's funny is that most girls say CUT!! while guys say KEEP! I am pretty sure I will keep it tho. It feels like a 'shield' and can cover my flat chest....hahaha jk

I know that if I ever cut it I will NEVER bother to grow my hair this length again. I am scared to go into the salon because I have a feeling my hair is going to cost over half a grand to straighten...

Aiii...anyways moving on...

The full outfit...
Take one... fail -.-

Weird leg pose and BITCHY face as usual...
The best out of the lot.. wink ;)

My new cropped jacket from Zara which I bought yesterday! It is LOVE <3 It fits so well and has the cutest gold nautical style buttons.

Pic on the official website:

Loving the buttons!!!

This morning I put it on and found that the pockets which I originally thought were fake were real!! I was extremely excited and happy about that -___-


The NIKE factory on Smith St is having a 40% off EVERYTHING sale! The stuff there is already at factory outlet prices, and a further 40% is slashed off that!

Of course being bargain hunting asians we had to go visit. It was sooo packed they had security guards and ppl had to line up outside like the opening of Zara.

Our haul:
For her..
I am cursed with tiny tiny tiny feet so it's pretty much impossible to buy womens shoes. These are actually kids shoes. I love them coz they are so comfy and colorful..

I have wanted a pair of these since I saw THIS picture:
which is TOTALLY hot. I know she looks 2847328347247x better than me in those shoes but... oh well :P not everyone is blessed with good looks.

"action shot" ...GODDAMN PALE LEGS @#$@#$!#$

For him..
Last in its size~~

The damage...

Savings of $68~

Now I really have no excuse not to go to 1000 steps. Time to start losing the pounds !!

I'll sign off with an adorable pic I found on facebook ^^

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