Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Statement jewelry

I've been reading many fashion blogs lately and absolutely lusting over bold and dramatic statement jewelry..

I know this is really really old and its been blogged to death but it's just so damn nice.

YSL arty ring. SO beautiful. It really sucks that the official YSL website doesn't ship to Australia as it is the only place to buy size 4! (Even if it did I think I am too cheap to pay $250 for something which may or may not fit properly - CURSE YOU SMALL FINGERS!!!!)

So I did the next best thing. I ordered an "inspired" one off ebay.

In Black. I paid $7.99 plus $4.50 in postage which I still think is quite expensive for costume jewelry but oh well...

The listing did not really specify a proper size but had an "approximate" diameter of 1.6cm. I measured my Tiffany Ring in size 4 and I *think* the diameter is around 1.5cm which makes this ring still.. too big. I guess I will just have to get creative with re sizing it. Will post pics when I receive!

I have also been obsessing over statement neck pieces and Etsy is a great place to browse these one of a kind items!

Like this necklace by EzzaExclusive.
[$149 USD]

It's absolutely devinee. Will jazz up any casual outfit.
The only drawback I have is the price which I find quite steep for costume jewelry. But oh my... just can't.. stop.. looking..

Some of her other work which is absolutely gorgeous as well:

Emerald and Crystal Gemstone Beaded Bib Necklace [$249 USD] here

Abstract Geo Bold Statement necklace [$249 USD] here

*sighs dreamily*

Amrita Singh also has some great pieces which I have seen featured on some other blogs. Apparently there are frequent sales on her website as well which I have no idea if I am eligible for since living in Australia means shipping prices and tax are a big factor when it comes to online shopping :(

I am loving her Hamptons collection, here are some of my favs (all pics taken off www.amritasingh.com) :

Loving the bright colors!!!

OMG OZSALE is doing a clearance on Amrita Singh jewelry!

The necklaces I want are sold out tho :(

I am undecided whether to get this one or not:

Greenport earrings..
$124.95 down to $19.95

hmmmm.... statement earrings... don't know if that is "me" or not..

To buy or not to buy that is the question...

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