Saturday, November 19, 2011

Forever New *favs* and dilemma...

[end rant]
[begin blog]
Popped into Forever New today and they have some really nice things this season <3

A few of my fav picks:
These are all currently in store!!
Nia Coral Feature Chain Mail Necklace $34.99
Pretty much all the sales girls were wearing this necklace and it works so well with the summery dresses and bright colors this season. 
I can see this worn with a basic tank and shorts, or with a nice maxi ~~

They have some really nice jewelry pieces...

On a side note... why are all the girls who work at forever new so pretty!! They all look like they stepped out of the ads and carry the clothes soo well. They are like walking mannequins. Even though they are so pretty, they are also very pleasant to deal with (unlike other stores who probably employ 80% pretty BITCHES *cough* GASP *COUGH*)
Unfortunately, my bf did not like this necklace one single bit... so moving right along...

Ally Embelished Sandal $79.99 
As soon as I walked into the store these shoes caught my eye. They look so much nicer in real life. 
They are very bling and are soo pretty when worn on the feet. BF's verdict was also a huge thumbs up.
Forever New is also stocking size 5 now, which is great news for tiny feet girls like me =D
Unfortunately my wallet is feeling the pinch due to saving up for my Hong Kong trip(!!!!) next year so I gave these a pass.

and leaving the best for last...
I finally found a statement necklace that isn't ridiculously priced!!! It was a reasonable $35. (not that I paid for it... tee hee =D )
BF loved it too.
Couldn't find a pic on the website so I took my own. I love love love it!!

Modeling shots..
(while trying on Zara Skirt - around $70 can't remember price...)
Did not end up buying this skirt as I didn't like skirts that flare out, also it was a bit tight around the stomach area.
However, that being said I LOVE the color and also the pockets at the front ...  am on the lookout for something similar but better fitted.

Ended up buying this top $45 I think.

 Zara haul: Top + 2 basics ^^


Today when I was at Zara, I saw a girl walking around with fresh BLOOD STAINS on the back of her jeans. She had NO IDEA they were there and I felt pretty bad for her... I also have no idea what the right social protocol is when it comes to these things.. 

Should I tell her? Should I not?

A few months ago I was at the cinemas and the lady in front of me had her top on inside out o_O. I was about to tap her on the shoulder to discreetly tell her, then my bf said no!! don't do that she will hate u for embarrassing her... so I just kept quiet....

I know that if I was doing something like that in public, I would be SO GRATEFUL if someone came up and (discreetly) told me....but I dunno about other ppl....
hmmm.... no idea what to do :(

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