Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY Project - silver tarnish

Since I have been sooo into statement necklaces recently I decided to dig into my old forgotten jewelry to see if I could 'rediscover' any hidden treasures. I found this sad little chunky Kookai necklace [$100] hidden in one corner which I had totally forgotten about.

It was looking a little worse for wear with all the tarnish that had built up over time. Some parts actually had some sort of GREEN mould like substance on it. EWWWWW... even after polishing it with a silver polishing cloth it still looked pretty beat up.

...and this is AFTER much polishing...

After a bit of googling and a trip to the supermarket, I decided to try this easy DIY silver tarnish removing solution.


L - R Bowl (from bf home), Foil (from bf home), Baking Soda ($2.99 from Safeway), Water (bf home), Oh and of course your jewelry. Excuse the messy background :P


Wrap jewelry in foil. Just shove her in and wrap it up.


Poke random holes in the foil (to allow water to seep in).Forgot to take a pic *woops*


Pour about 3-4 tbl spoons of baking soda into the bowl. Mix with water (enough to immerse jewelry). Stupid me forgot to take a pic again but I'm sure this is pretty easy ...


Drop ur jewelry into the bowl and wait... tap tap tap...


Take ur jewelry out, rinse it and dry with a soft towel.

See your jewelry reborn and shiny again<3

Close up pic. Totally wearable again. Maybe this weekend ? hmmmm~!

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