Monday, November 5, 2012

My DIY Budget Vanity / dressing table with Ikea ~

I fell in love with this Ikea dressing table, but did NOT fall in love with the price...
HEMNES dressing table with mirror $379 AUD

So, like any thrifty princess, I improvised and built my own :P 

From Ikea's weekly sale section, I picked up a standard white computer desk with small drawer for around $60 AUD.

I then trawled through the "as is" section and found a bathroom mirror cabinet which was already set up for a whopping $20 AUD!

Chuck the mirror on top of the table and viola! 
My own little beauty corner ^^ complete with hidden shelving behind the mirror
The pink ribbon is from Miu Miu

In fact, the only furniture we paid full price for in this pic is the Ghost Chair ($120) and the faux sheepskin rug ($20). 

The jewelry box in the corner is a past purchase from for $50.

60 + 20 + 120 + 20 +40 = TOTAL $260

I'm so happy with myself I want to do more Ikea 'hacks' ~~ lalala

New purchase today:

Misscha 'super extreme' waterproof soft pencil eyeliner.. I'm so sick of my Bobbi Brown Gel liner, the gel is a bit dry now and it is all clumpy :(

 Rubi wedges in size 35! $20 each on sale. 

and grrr, My LV bag is so filthy I need to clean it ><!!

I dunno why blogger keeps turning the image upsidedown...

Anyways, off to watch American Horror Story! 

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