Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sued for being too ugly and mini Cup Day haul~

OMG! I am SO shocked!!

A man in China has won a $120,000 lawsuit after suing his wife for being too ugly.

Apparently he was very much in "LOVE" with her... until their first child was born and it was so ugly "to the point that it horrified him."

After accusing her of having an affair (since the child looked like neither of it's parents), she finally fessed up and admitted that she had plastic surgery before meeting him.

So like any sane person, he decided to sue her for marrying him under "false pretenses".

The most shocking part of the story? He WON.

Umm.. wtf? How much of an asshole can you get?

WHO CARES if the wife had surgery. No one is a 'natural beauty' these days anyway. Unless you wanna let all the hairs on your body grow wild and give up on skincare/cosmetics/fragrance forever. I don't THINK SO.

And who the hell will hate on their own kid for being too ugly? Half the genes in the kid come from HIM anyway. So I'm guessing he's not much of a looker himself. Bloody hypocrite. 

Here is a picture of the ugly ducking wife:
I believe she did double eyelid surgery and got a nose job.

Quite a big difference, she is quite pretty now. And who would blame her? If you had the resources and pain tolerance, and the courage to take a risk, why would you not wanna look the best you can?

All the best to her and her daughter's future and I hope she finds the guy she deserves.


So today was the Melbourne Cup public holiday and not being into horses or gambling at all I spent my day at Chaddy shopping centre.

What I wore (excuse the dirty mirror ><):
My new Zara pink Blazer <3 p="p">
Kookai dress
My beloved Speedy bag
Studded loafers

I kept the accessories simple so as not to overwhelm the neckline of the dress with a tiffany bead bracelet and bangle <3 p="p">

Closer look at my shoes..
Instagram pic :P

I've had these shoes for a while now but haven't had the chance to wear them. They were a bargain buy at only $18 xD.

I was 're inspired' after seeing all those well dressed instagramers wearing their studded loafers and decided to dust these off and take them out for a spin. Was please with how casual yet chic they look. 

My mini haul:

Supre coral peplum dress 

Valleygirl asymmetric hem dress
(pressie from my dear bf)

WoW Lich King + Singdragosa
reminiscing of my geeky WoW days (curse you to hell whoever hacked my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Also tried these silky pants on from Forever New:
However they looked very disgusting :(
I can't pull them off at ALL.
The highlight of this picture is my 
I didn't think I would see anyone else in these but I saw two other girls wearing them today!!!!! They must have very good taste *cough* V_V *cough*

And I leave you with another amazing surgery transformation I saw on facebook...

She did double eyelid + nosejob for sure and possible eye corner cutting + slim face

Stay gorgeous ;)

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