Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dirty windows and retail therapy

After a long stressful day at work the last thing I need is some asshole to FORCEFULLY "clean" my car windows and expect me to cough up MY HARD EARNED DOLLARS to pay for his "labour".

Last week after a BLOODY LONG day at work all I wanted to do was drive home and chill. But NO while stopped at the red lights in peak hour traffic, a squeegee wielding guy came up and poured his DIRTY water all over my window after I profusely shook my head at him.


I banged on my window and yelled 'FUCK OFF' to him and he STARTED TO TELL ME OFF.

Are u fucking serious? U pour ur dirty water all over my window making it dirtier than before and expect to be rewarded for ur efforts? PLUS swear back at me like I should be GRATEFUL for you to do that?!


When the light turned green I drove off leaving him to eat dust. The whole way home I kept using the self cleaning wiper to try and console my poor VIOLATED car.

The next day I saw him again. He decided to skip my car.

On a complete change of subject, my shopping haul for today~~

After lusting over the thin strap shoes for SO LONG on Instagram I finally decided that I NEEDED a pair to call my own :)

The shop with the BEST selection would no doubt be Tony Bianco. I fell in love with this:

"Karissa" $149.95

But when I went to try it, I realized the 12 cm heel was way too high! After wobbling around the store for a good 15 mins, I accepted defeat and sadly put them back on the shelf and bid goodbye.

However, I did not give up and today I found the perfect substitute *love*

Tony Bianco "Pazz" $139.95

With their 8cm heel they are still higher than what I normally wear however the important thing is that I can actually stand and walk in them normally!


So happy xD

Also stopped by Zara and picked up these goodies:

Pink jacket and "black peony" fragrance

The fragrance was an impulse purchase when I was standing around at the registers waiting for my bf who had kindly offered to get the jacket for me <3

Nice floral scent and very reasonably priced at $25.95

Trying on the jacket.

This is super comfy and soft. I LOVE the color and can't wait to wear it in summer. Normally when I stop past the rack the XS are all gone however I managed to finally find one today xD.

And finally... Dinner at one of our favorite fast n cheap places - papa rich

I requested "extra extra chilli"


- "I want what I want when I want it!"

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