Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another long hiatus

Geez another long hiatus with no real valid excuse why I ain't blogging.

What can I say? Been busy with life, work (changed jobs TWICE!) and of course... Shopping!!!

Even if nothing else is consistent in life, SHOPPING will be :) <3

Of course I've also been lurking around reading other ppls blogs :p xD (I was wayyy too excited when xiaxue announced her pregnancy !!!) and have been *ahem* convinced into purchasing a few noiiice things.

Two recent bargain necklaces I bought :

So many US blogs were raving on about a "J Crew bubble necklace" and being in Australia without access to all these goodies I had to resort to my old friend eBay for this dupe.

Wore it to work today and got complimented in the morning =D

I have so many outfit ideas for this!!! Been browsing Instagram like crazy for inspiration~~~

Oh and the beige jacket thing was a purchase from my US trip this year. =p I searched for it after seeing it on extrapetite's blog and even DIY slimmed the sleeves like how she did.

I am such a copy cat :/

Simple little necklace from cotton on of all places!!!

Lalalala til next time ;)

- "I want what I want when I want it!"

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