Friday, January 9, 2009

Asian eyes + plastic surgery

For most people that know me, they will probably know that my biggest body issue is to do with my eyes.

I think for most of my younger teen years I've been pretty obsessively pissed at how small my eyes are (what can i say.. .i was an impressionable young girl =S ), and its only in recent years (with the discovery of make up - the holy grail) that I've begun to "get over" this obsession.

I seems (in my opinion) that no matter what your other features look like (flat nose, thick lips etc) as long as you have fair skin and big eyes then you are automatically considered "quite ok". Well.. at least in the majority standards (i *think*).

Back then, i found out about something that seemed to be the answer to all my prayers: asian eye surgeries which make eyes appear clearer, brighter, and.. BIGGER.

There are two different types of this surgery.

Firstly, Asian Blepharoplasty, commonly known as "double eyelid surgery" which creates a fold on the top eyelid, which around 50% (????) of asians don't have. This "opens up" the eyes, and makes the eyes look bigger. It also makes make up application easier. In asia this surgery is really popular.

You can see it in action here: .
(Be warned its pretty graphic and gross).

You very rarely see a monolidded female asian celebrity and even if you do it seems that once they reach a certain popularity they disapear for a few months and once they come back their eyes are miraculously different.

This is Elva from ages ago. (To be fair this is a pretty bad picture)

This is Elva recently. Note the miraculous change in her eyes.

Of course, this change may not necessarily be surgery. Better make up artist (highly unlikely given the very obvious crease in the second picture), or, a softer approach for those people who are terrified of going under the knife, could be something known as double eyelid glue/tape. Double eyelid tape (or glue) gives the same effect as double eyelid surgery. The glue works by sticking ur upper eyelid together, and forcing a crease into the eye.

The only downside is the glue needs to be reapplied everyday and it may lose affect after a while.

Another asian eyelid surgery, which is less well known than double eyelid surgery is one that actually "stretches" your eyes bigger (sounds disgusting). Not really sure what it is called in English but what they basically do is cut open the corner of your eyes so that your eyes are able to open wider (I've always wondered if someone would take this too far and their eyelids would be stretched so much their eyes will pop out).

Example here (

I used to search religiously for pictures of asian celebrities who have had eye surgery done, coz the results are well.. pretty amazing.

See.. huge transformation right.

Anyways, in recent years I think I've started to 'get over' the big eyes thing. I've found out that my eyes aren't actually THAT small, and there are plenty of make up tricks that can be done to make asian eyes look awesome (thanks to youtube.. ha ha). I've also realized that a lotta awesome looking people don't. actually. have. huge. eyes. Hmm.. what can i say.. i guess i was blinded by the superficial big eyes light.

Anyways.. isn't it interesting that cultures always seem to like what is difficult to obtain. In times when food was scarce, plump women were considered beautiful, but now when food is plentiful we have all these people starving themselves for beauty.

Btw, I'm not advocating plastic surgery - I think it's up tottally up to personal choice unless you have one of those freaky addictions like that woman who looks like a cat (how did she get a boyfriend i really don't know). It's been said that big eyes to asians is what big breasts are to westerners - considered beautiful to the majority, but yes also a matter of taste.


angel said...

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Kelly said...

Do you have more info on that eye "stretching" surgery
Cuz my eyes are small like width wise
Do you think people could do that eye stretching
surgery and double eyelid surgery at the same time?
im just cursed with small eyes and then I saw your article
Which was very helpful

creamlove E. said...

We..... most of the filipinos like korean guys because of their small eyes.......
and we also women..... I dont really get why korean have their eyes change thru plastic surgery.....

But I like it the way korean eyes look like.....

creamlove E. said...

do you know why we like koreans eyes.. because of their eyes.. they look like dolls.....