Friday, January 16, 2009

Korean lollies

Got these rock shaped lollies at a Korean shop in Clayton =DAren't they cute?
They are actually chocolates..

I told my bf that I'd hide a real rock inside a bunch of these one day and give them to him to eat.

I then proceeded to laugh hysterically for 5 minutes.

He wasn't impressed -_-

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Rena said...

MUAHAHHAH!!! i asked my hubby what he'd do/say/think IF i gave him those rock candies and put a real one in there...and LAUGHED MY BUTT OFF!! but he wasn't impressed either...he told me it'd be the meanest thing that anyone ever did to him! 8]

i guess i'm just evil like that...LMAO!!!

btw your blog posts keep me entertained...
<3 Rena